Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

The Need for Spiritual Protection

Energetic protection may or may not be a familiar concept to you. Generally the term refers to protection from outside influences that can interfere with our ability to live our life freely and in accord with our true Self. If we examine our lives, we have all experienced the consequences and effects of outside interference:

  • the vulnerability a therapist or healer feels as a result of being in and around sick people’s energy all day.
  • the feeling of being dumped on or drained by family, friends or acquaintances.
  • the son or daughter who feels controlled by a parent, even long after that parent has died.
  • the difficulty we experience trying to express our own individuality.
  • the seemingly inescapable influence of mass consciousness or of belief systems that feel limiting or outmoded.
  • the feelings of hopelessness and doubt that overcome us when prayers and cries for help seem to go unheard.
  • the frustration over an inability to heal an illness or break free of an addiction or unhealthy behavioral pattern.

Even though we generally do not intentionally attract outside interference, it happens because of vulnerabilities and weaknesses within our energy systems, many of which can be quite old and carried in from previous lives, either here on Earth or elsewhere. Some of these vulnerabilities are the result of unresolved experiences and traumas that get locked into our energy bodies. Others are the result of the collective human experience.

In the course of her work to understand why it is so difficult for people to heal, to connect to Spirit, to feel empowered, to create, Adriene Wentworth was shown by Spirit the “energetic” story behind what the Judeo-Christian tradition calls “The Fall of Man.” Understanding the energetic story sheds considerable light on the origins of outside interference with our spiritual process. That story is told in more detail in Adriene’s book, “Divine Intervention” – the story of the Luciferian Conspiracy and God’s Solutions.

The story of how our energy systems became vulnerable to outside interference has its origins in that fact that, as immature and sometimes willful Souls, we were not always as careful with our energy systems as we should have been, often choosing to ignore or even avoid soliciting the wisdom and guidance of our High Self. The main source of trouble came from experimenting with our energy systems in ways that were counter its original make-up and intent. Our energy system is designed to be fueled by a direct link to God’s Energy, and the intent was that as we grew and matured, our capacity to use that Energy would increase.

Part of the experimentation we did involved playing with ways to circumvent the direct linking system with God. One of prime ways we did this was be creating energy cords with other Souls, finding ways to “plug in” to the other’s energy system. Behind some of this experimenting was a misunderstanding of power, thinking that if we corded to others we would be able “get more power, more quickly,” rather than going through the spiritual development process. The experimenting also involved finding ways to manipulate and control others, to get them to do what we wanted. Eventually, these entanglements with other people’s energy became so common place that we did not even realize that something was out of alignment with our own energy system, except, perhaps the sense that it became harder and harder to feel our connection with God. And, either from embarrassment, despair or pride, we did not avail ourselves to the healing process and the assistance and support of our High Self and other Spiritual Guides.

In addition to creating ways to steal energy from others and to control them, we also created “beings” who were shadows of ourselves and with whom we would play and experiment on. To exist, these shadow beings needed to feed off of our energy systems. Over time, these shadow beings began to evolve and shift and develop consciousness. Pretty soon, the creatures began to control the creators, and the beings we now think of as Lucifer, Satan and others-collectively called the Dark Forces-came into existence. As Adriene Wentworth discovered in her work, Dark Force Interference pervades the whole of humanity. Whether or not we are conscious of the existence of the Dark Forces and our energetic links to them, they are real and need to be dealt with.

In fact, exposing the extent to which and the means by which the Dark Forces interfere with our spiritual development process and our ability to connect fully with God is a hallmark feature of the work of Adriene Wentworth and Christa Resources. Even more important, Adriene has developed, at the urging and with the assistance of Spirit, a truly effective means for disconnecting from Dark Force interference and building permanent protection from any additional tampering with our energy system. The process is straightforward and effective:

  • Be attuned to Level One of the Christa Energy and work with it to build your protection.
  • Work with a Christa Healer trained to remove all of the Dark Force interferences that exist within the spiritual level of your energy body.

Clearing our energy system of the often subtle and insidious Dark Force interferences is absolutely critical to our ability to fully heal and fully connect to and create with God’s Energy. As long as we remain energetically connected to the Dark Forces, our capacity to be fully empowered God-beings on this planet is severely compromised.

How does the Christa Energy protect us?
When a person is attuned to Level One of the Christa Energy, the Christa Energy wraps around their Soul, effectively and permanently cutting off access to their Soul’s essence by the Dark Forces. Also at the time of attunement, a blueprint for an intricate fabric of permanent protection is laid throughout their energy system, at all the levels and around all the thousands of energy channels within their system. Over a period of about 90 days, the recipient of the blueprint works with the Level One Christa Energy to fully build the fabric of protection, which becomes a permanent part of their energy system. Once the Christa Energy is fully in place, negative energies from outside sources, either from other people or from the Dark Forces, are not able to enter the person’s energy system.

The permanency of the Christa Energy protection within a person’s energy system is one of the features that distinguish it from other forms of energy protection you may be familiar with, such as wrapping yourself in White Light, which only works as long as you are consciously holding the intent. Another distinguishing feature of Christa Energy Protection is that the Christa Energy is the only Energy on the Planet strong enough to protect against the Antichrist Energy.

In addition to the protection it provides, Level One of the Christa Energy greatly assists your healing process by creating a safe place within which to do your healing work so that the changes and growth healing facilitates have a real opportunity to take root and become firmly established within your system and within your consciousness. In other words, once a vulnerability is released from your system-say a limiting belief system or an energetic cording to someone-the protection of the Christa Energy ensures that you can indeed shift and grow beyond that vulnerability.

The benefits of the permanent protection of the Christa Energy are tremendous and life-changing. It fully supports you in your awakening process. It greatly enhances your ability to truly connect with Spirit. It exponentially increases the power, scope and effectiveness of your healing work. It instills a genuine sense of empowerment and true freedom of choice that only grows stronger and deeper the further down the Path you travel. And, most importantly, it sets you back on track with your true spiritual nature and increases your ability to create-or manifest-with God’s Energy.