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The Edge Interview: Healing & Resurrection

With Adriene Wentworth, by Tim Miejan

TIM: Why don’t we begin at the beginning. When were you aware that you were aware? Awake?

ADRIENE: When I was about 22. I began to have experiences that I didn’t understand and because of that I began to have insomnia. I was afraid to go to sleep because I was so aware. I was even aware of what was happening in the astral planes, even when I was awake. Because I was that hyper-awareness, it was very difficult to sleep for a long period of time. This led me to seek help. Sometimes you have to have something wrong with you before you decide to seek. Even when I was a small child I remember seeing things. I always had vision where I could see invisible forces, let’s say, and energies that most people can’t perceive.

TIM: You mentioned seeing astral forces around your father when he would drink. And so you were awake at a young age.

ADRIENE: I thought it was normal. Then as I got a little older, and into my teenage years, I got busy trying to shut down those kinds of feelings and get into what I thought I was supposed to be doing. So, although I had experiences and awareness throughout my early life, at the age of 22 I started to awaken spiritually.

I really feel that everyone is encoded to awaken at a certain time. And with me it began with a lot of extreme restlessness and just a sense of, “Okay, I’m a mother. I’m a great mom. I’m a great wife, but there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing.” And that question, that nagging feeling that there was something else I was supposed to be doing, the desire to find out what else, began my awakening. That also contributed to my inability to sleep. And of course the more you ponder something, the more openings you create. But it was the uncomfortableness of what I was feeling that led me to seek out spiritual teachers to try to help me understand what was going on. Because sometimes it would be very frightening what I would see and I wouldn’t know what to do about it.

TIM: And when did you become aware of what your mission is?

ADRIENE: Well, I’ll tell you, because I was a very high strung person from having these kinds of experiences. Then I went through a divorce. Next I went through a real intense year of trying to work two jobs to take care of the kids, and still the spiritual experiences weren’t backing off. At the time I didn’t know they were spiritual, I just thought they were scary.

So I started to seek ways to help myself. I was led to yoga and meditation. I just dove into that, I mean, that was my savior. I worked very, very hard, and it was interesting because I really thought that that was my role. After six months of seeing what it did for me, I thought, “Oh, at last I found my purpose. My purpose is to teach others how to relax, how to connect.”

In a sense that was true, but I didn’t realize that the methods I would use would continually change and grow, because in those early days I was not at all interested in God, I really wasn’t. I was interested in myself and my family. And I think that that’s where a lot of people are stuck, “Me and mine, me and mine.” You know, stuck in survival, just trying to take care of “Me and mine.” If things are easier maybe they would expand, but it’s just something that you fall into when you’re doing struggle, taking care of “Me and mine.”

So I was doing that, and when I learned to meditate I wasn’t seeking God I was seeking peace of mind. But God came in. I didn’t ask. Then, I’ll say, I had a real spiritual awakening and I think it’s interesting because you never know when grace is going to touch your life, you just don’t. I’m just doing my thing because my teacher said if you sit every day at the same time you’re going to create an inner peace. And I realized early on that I’m never going to be able to create the situations around me to be peaceful. I mean my life was stressful, so it dawned on me that this was the only savior, to be able to have that inner peace within.

TIM: Any time. Any where.

ADRIENE: So whether I’m living in a noisy place or I can’t make my neighbors be quiet, which was going on, as long as I have peace wherever I am, that seemed to be the most important thing to achieve. So that’s what I was striving for. But, one day I was sitting, this is so interesting because I was just sitting in the middle of my living room floor, it was the only place I had to meditate, and all of a sudden tears just welled up in my eyes and I felt something else there. And I was like, “What is this?” You know, just an overwhelming sense of love and I got, “Well, this is God.” And I was like, “Oh, my gosh, I was not looking for You!”

All of a sudden that experience changed my perspective of what I wanted. It also changed my goals. I felt like, “Wait a minute, I’m here to do more than just take care of myself,” and I started to pray, something that I had let go of early on in life. I like the pray of St. Francis, “Make me an instrument of Thy peace.” And I would say it over and over because at first it was just words to me. It was just plain old words. But it started to sink in deep and then I realized that, “Oh, wait a minute, everything I’m receiving, it’s important for me to always give back out – everything.”

And so for years I taught yoga and meditation and studied about anything that would help people become healthier and happier. Anything holistic with nutrition and homeopathy, I dabbled in astrology. Besides giving out the knowledge I already had, I was really searching at all levels. After a period of time I realized I wanted to know more about what we could do, besides what I knew with yoga and meditation.

Then I got into all forms of body work and that’s when I learned that although I thought I was this really relaxed person, I had a lot of stress and tension built in my body. And that was very interesting to me, so then I delved into that. So now I’m teaching yoga and meditation and nutrition classes, cooking classes, weight control classes, allergy relief classes, anything that would help people. I studied with many different kinds of body therapies, and I started to do body therapy, massage therapy. Then I started to question why people are like that. I wanted to understand what was causing their disease, their illness. That’s what got me into the energy work. I started to do Reiki, Mariel Energy, you know, just for my own opening and to experiment. And yet I found that it was so slow. And here I am, who am I to say. But they taught a system that was very, very good for beginners to learn, but already I was aware that, “Gee, the problem is over here, why are we spending all our time going through the system?” My mind was clicking about what else I knew and it was just happening.

It wasn’t until I had a major illness myself that I really connected with my own gifts. During my first trip to India I came back very ill. And I was called to India, because I was studying with two spiritual masters at the time. It’s interesting that when you have a strong desire you will find a way to do it. At the time some of my friends were going and I felt, “I can’t go, I don’t have the money.” I couldn’t believe what I did to get the money. I sold my refrigerator because we were renting and I had an extra refrigerator. I even sent out a begging letter to all of my family, something that really got a negative response except from a few who responded positively. I would do anything. I sold massage treatments in advance to people who I knew, so they would let me go and study.

But when I returned from India I had dysentery, which turned into an auto-immune problem called Reiter’s Syndrome. What I picked up in India was so strange to my body that I created these, what I called “Green Beret” antibodies to fight it. And when they were done fighting that dysentery, they turned on me, auto-immune, and started to eat my joints. So all of a sudden, here I am, coming back from this great spiritual mission, and I am crippled. I was crippled from the fall of 1983 to the spring of 1984.

It was really hard on my ego because I had all of these students coming to me for help and I could not stand up. I was depressed. For the first time I really learned what depression is. I was in extreme pain. My life was just falling apart. My husband was angry, first of all he let me go and took care of the kids while I was gone, and then I come back and I’m an invalid. That didn’t do much for our marriage. So it was a very lonely, painful time. What I did was seek help from everyone I knew. I ran to all the different healers I had studied with and the man who I had done homeopathy with. Any time a healer would come into town my friends would drag me there. No one could help me. And it dawned on me finally that the only one that could help me was God. I said, “No matter what, I’m just going to trust. I’m to pray. I’m going to do whatever I am shown to do.” I vowed to believe this even though the doctors were saying, “You’re always going to have damage. It’s always going to be in your system. Your vertebrae are going to fuse together. But, we’d like to study you because it’s interesting, it normally doesn’t happen to a woman.” I didn’t like that picture!

TIM: The worst case scenario.

ADRIENE: Yes, the doctors gave me the worst case scenario. And they said, “We can’t do anything for you, but we’d like to study you at the University because it’s interesting.” I told them I wasn’t interested in being studied unless they could help me. So, even the medical profession said there was no cure for this. They gave me an inflammatory drug that made me my vision blur and my hair fall out. It was worse than the illness. I had to do what I knew to do, which is communicating with Spirit and then work on whatever I got to do. I kept getting that to move even the littlest bit would be helpful. The doctor would say, “Oh, no, don’t do that. Movement is bad.” But I kept getting “It’s okay.” So I trusted. And through that process, first of all, I Iearned what it was about.

When I was in India my guru did what they called a shakti-pot where he snuck up behind me and smacked me at the base of my spine and I went into ecstasy, but at the end of the ecstasy was the illness. Let’s say, purification. Illness is purification and so much that was stored was being released at one time, that’s what that illness was about.

TIM: It overwhelmed your whole body.

ADRIENE: It overwhelmed my whole body and it was not a pretty way to deal with it. But because of that though, I did learn to deal with it. I learned to trust. I had to trust Spirit more than I trusted anyone else. And I also got into my own personal power. All of a sudden it was like, “Now I know I have personal power and now I know when I stay aligned with Spirit, Spirit will always tell me what to do and how to do it.” What it taught me is that any time there’s a problem I can trust Spirit’s guidance, no matter what all the experts out there are saying. Trusting Spirit was my lesson. I didn’t know what Spirit was preparing me for at the time, but the preparation was, “No matter what, if you stay in your personal power and you stay strong in your own truth, we will show you the solutions.” That was the key.

After this experience I really wanted to study healing more than ever. I was really fascinated by what goes on and why things happen. And as I watched people come through, I could only help them so much. Finally I got to the point where I literally was forced to help somebody in a way that I had never done before. When people come to you in need, sometimes you let go and bring things forward that you didn’t know you had. That’s what happened to me. So hidden potential came forward and I began to bring forward healing abilities and gifts that I had that I didn’t know I had. And then I started to understand that some of these I’ve had for many lifetimes, but they’ve been just sitting inactive.

Because I had picked a very strict yogic path where you are taught to bypass your gifts and abilities and your only goal was to know God, at first that’s what I wanted more than anything. But I found that there was more I was supposed to do than just know God. I found that you can’t skip the healing piece in order to achieve that goal. So then it made sense to be a healer! It made sense to focus my energy on the healing aspects, because I found that in my own process, even though I felt really confident in my abilities to meditate and to connect, negative things were happening when I did that. And I could not find anyone to help me with it. No one. I’d go to my spiritual teachers and they would say, “Nothing impure can happen in a pure mind.” Well, it was happening and I was trying to purify. I was doing mantras and mantras and mantras and mantras.

At the same time I was having certain experiences with a ghost we had in our house. And I realized that this ghost wasn’t only in our house it had been following me around wherever I moved, he would come again, and torment me. He would try to pull me from my body at night. I would be afraid to go to sleep because I knew if I did, if I let go, he would be right there and want to take me somewhere that I didn’t want to go. And so this was going on. It made me very depressed and angry because I didn’t know what could be done about a situation like that. But I tolerated it for years, until my daughter who is now 13, was born. He started to pick on her. He started to frighten her. Well, like any good mother, it’s one thing to pick on me, but when you pick on my kids then I have to do something about it. It was really a nuisance. Even my older daughter would hear him knocking in the walls.

I really didn’t even believe this stuff existed, but it was happening. That’s when I decided I have to learn what to do about it. And people again would say, “Tell it to go to the Light.” He didn’t want to go to the light! I’d tell him, but he didn’t go. He had an attitude like, “I don’t have to. You can’t make me.” Well, that advice doesn’t work. That’s when I started to work with mantras and building relationships with strong spiritual beings on the other side who would come when I called and take these ghosts and make them cross. This became one of the first biggest pieces of my work, that was different at the time than what other people were doing, is to deal with energies that people didn’t want to deal with because it was difficult and they were nasty and they wouldn’t leave you alone.

Soon I realized I had that ability to clear ghosts and entities. One of my spiritual teachers actually helped me develop that ability. When you start to build your light, you do draw beautiful Light Beings who notice your light and come to help you, but you also draw negative beings who notice your light and then you have to know how to deal with it. During that period of challenge, you become stronger. You learn everything more that you need to learn. That literally started to happen to me. The first ghost was a mild one. It was just a baby thing to deal with. Now, to me, a ghost is like, “Oh, that’s nothing.” But when I first developed the ability to clear ghosts, people started coming to me with all kinds of similar problems they were having. And it’s interesting because I didn’t advertise. People tell people and pretty soon I had a healing clientele dealing with harder issues, harder things that were interfering with them.

Because what I found, even with myself, often times my life would be just fine and then I would feel like a cloud of depression around me. I would think, “Now, why? Nothing is different. Nothing has changed. And what is this energy that is around me?” And that’s when I realized that when you are ready to grow, and usually it would be at a time when I was very happy and thinking about doing more, that’s when an interfering energy would come forward and cloud me. It would make me depressed, play on my doubts and my fears and make me feel small about myself. But I thought it was me. At that time I thought it was me feeling this way. Then I started to see more.

Remember, if you keep sitting and you keep meditating and you keep clearing and opening new channels your vision will expand. And even, I saw that everything had its place in my growth process. The illness had its place. This ghost had its place in helping me learn how to sleep consciously, because I couldn’t trust what would happen when I went to sleep, so I learned how to always be conscious when I went to sleep. That was a whole other world where I really saw what was going on at the other levels of our existence. Sometimes I would feel like I was going crazy because it was so much. That reality was just as real to me as the waking reality and it often had more significance. And that was very, very difficult to deal with.

The other piece that was very difficult is I started to have beautiful spiritual experiences where I would really be working at merging my energy with God and sometimes I would experience what felt like ropes pulling me back down. And when I would become conscious I would actually see like an image of Satan or Lucifer. I would be frightened, but also angry, “What are you doing here? At a time when I’m merging with God?” I felt like, “What are you doing here, how dare you?” It was such a violation. That’s when I realized that I was uncovering a lot of things that are going on which are interfering with people’s spiritual process. And because of that, and because I started to do it outwardly, I started to help people. I would find cordings they had to dark force energies, and I started to separate them from that.

This was when I started to get heavy intimidation from the dark forces to stop. “Don’t do it. Stop it.” But, of course, it only made me more interested, because I was taught in the traditions that this doesn’t exist. But it does, and now I understand it. I mean, in the early days, I was just experiencing things and finding solutions to correct what was wrong. But I didn’t really understand the whole process until I got to the end. Now I understand it. It was interesting because I was so busy getting through one step at a time and whenever I would learn something, anyone who was interested would be right there to receive it from me.

I found out that many people became really afraid. Whereas I thought, “This is great! I understand what is interfering with us!” Everybody else was like, “Adriene, we don’t want to play with you anymore because we are too afraid.” They were intimidated. But I firmly believe that if there’s a problem, there’s a solution. And I was being really pushed on by Spirit to keep going with this. I kept getting the reassurance, “We will show you. We will help you.”

This wasn’t just with these distorted dark energies, it was also with the extraterrestrial energies. It was easy for me to accept that Satan, that energy, existed because I grew up Catholic. I didn’t want it to be true, but still it wasn’t so hard to believe. Even people who came to me for healings would say, “I really remember making a deal with the devil when I was thirteen and angry at my parents.” I mean people can relate to it. I’m not saying you have to think of it as a formed energy, but it is an energy and it is an evil energy that is trying to block people from going back to God.

But the extraterrestrial piece was something I did not want to believe existed. I did not want to look at that. And again, I had to be shown in very clear ways that it did exist. And it happened again with my children. I have this great vision, I can see everything that’s going on. How do you shut it down? And when you are spiritually aware, even when you have implants and programming like everyone else, you can bypass that. It’s a struggle, but now you can stay aware. What I saw one night was that extraterrestrials were trying to abduct my lovely daughter. She was laying with me and I saw her just literally being lifted and I had to fight hard to keep her there. I was spiritually strong, but this flipped me out. When I was pregnant with her I had an experience where I was about seven months along, and I felt her being pulled from my womb. I was so scared but because I was aware I could fight it. It was interesting that she had a stressed birth. She had meconium in her amniotic fluid. I knew exactly when that happened, because that experience scared it out of her. I was scared too.

That was a real eye opener for me. I was really angry because it was something that I didn’t know how to stop. Then I explored to find solutions. Any time there is a problem you have to keep searching. I really worked hard with my guides and they started to show me all the different things that are implanted in people that keep them asleep. So here I am aware, because I had no choice, and there’s my husband who I would try to awaken to help, but he could not wake up. It’s because of the brain-stem implant that literally creates a numbing and paralyzing effect all the way through the spine. Even if you’re aware you can’t do anything. So it was very difficult to deal with this extraterrestrial aspect of interference and I thought, “Now people are really going to think I’m crazy.”

I also realized that if my daughter had these interferences then obviously I did too. I bless the clients who came to me because I could learn from them. It’s hard to study yourself, it’s much easier to study someone else. And piece by piece I found all kinds of interferences in our energy bodies that keep people from, first of all, waking up, or if they are awake, it keeps their energy flowing through the wrong circuits. It’s like our energy has literally been rerouted so our energy does not go to the right pathways. Then we wonder why we don’t feel powerful.

As soon as I realized this extraterrestrial piece, the negative intimidation really increased. And I still had all those interferences within my own energy body, so I was easy to get to because I had those vulnerabilities within. It was interesting because now I saw how the extraterrestrials play on your own doubts and fears. As soon as I realized it was coming from them, instead of from me, I wouldn’t fall for it anymore. And so when people bring spiritual energy into their bodies, which everyone is doing right now, they just can’t help it, it’s like they’re pushing these things up. But what happens is when they push them up, oftentimes it makes it very easy for the same kind of vibration to attach to it and then they get afraid. Rather than releasing it from the system and being free, they get intimidated and afraid. I would have times when I would wake up and be surrounded with space beings and I would be very afraid because they had no right to be there. That’s when I learned that there are beings who do not play by Universal Law. I thought there were laws and everyone had to follow them. I followed them. But there are a lot of beings who don’t.

TIM: But there are beings that do follow Universal Law.

ADRIENE: There are wonderful, higher vibrational space beings who obviously I was working with and who shared this information with me so I could learn how to do free people from this interference. To this day I work with very beautiful Light Beings who are extraterrestrial in nature. I feel I am originally extraterrestrial in nature myself. That’s why I can deal with this stuff, I’m not afraid. I have more of an understanding and yet it’s a very hard role to play because it brings up so much fear in people. I understand the fear too because I was afraid. But the thing is that unless we really open up our eyes to what’s really going on, we’re always going to be victims.

If you tell people what’s going on and at the same time offer solutions, then they should realize “Well, great, now we can get in our personal power and we can free ourselves,” or “We can get help, we know there’s help out there.” And so that was a hard one because then I found even though people wanted help, they were afraid and it’s been a constant battle to speak out about what I know and to have it received because of the fear factor. And now people are becoming more aware, the E. T. stuff is everywhere. Even though it’s everywhere, still there is denial. “Oh no, no, it couldn’t possibly be true!”

Turn on any TV channel or any movie, and where do you suppose all of these concepts are coming from? It’s trying to bring that reality into the conscious awareness of people before it’s right in their face. That’s what I liked about the movie “Independence Day.” Everybody’s just busy living their life and all of a sudden one day they look up at a large spaceship in the sky and, “Oops, we should have been paying attention.” I even love “Men in Black” for the whole idea that all of this is going on, all of it is known by everyone but us, the mass consciousness. And then the little flashy thing to keep us from remembering. “Oh, you know something?” Well, that kind of programming is definitely going on in large ways.

TIM: Have you seen “The Matrix?”

ADRIENE: I haven’t seen it yet and everyone tells me I must. I’ll probably have to wait until it’s out in video. Sometimes it’s interesting because I don’t watch things, like I’ve never been a Star Trek fan, or any of those kinds of things, because I don’t want to be influenced by them. What I know comes through from my guidance. Then someone will say “Did you see . . .?” I’m like, “No,” but then I see it afterwards and go, “Oh, my gosh, there’s so much truth there.” And that’s what people are telling me about “The Matrix,” that they’re literally blown away by that movie.

TIM: I have three questions. First of all, we talked about what it took for you to get your inner trust, your connection, you know when you were going through your sickness, the Reiter’s Syndrome. How do we get the trust? Do we need that chaos? Do we need something really bad to happen before we get pushed to become trustful?

ADRIENE: There should be a positive way to learn and trust. But because I was being asked to bring through very hard information that would be very difficult for people to understand, I had to have hard experiences to know that this was truth and to know that I could always count on Spirit. And a part of my role, I really feel, has been to find the obstacles and clear the way so people don’t have to go through such hard times. But if they don’t choose the easier path, they will get a hard experience. And as we know, globally, we’re asking for it, we’re coming to that point. Many of us are here trying to wake up as many people as possible and get them spiritually moving. We’re reminding them, “Hey, what are you here to do? Besides add up your bank account and accumulate more. What else are you here to do?”

At one time in my life that’s about all I cared about, until I was shown that it was valueless with all of this other stuff going on. Unless I use those resources to do something good, otherwise it’s just hoarding. “Me and mine, again.” So, we’ll be comfortable and then there are certain lessons that are going to occur, that even the spiritually aware are going to have to endure. But again, if you are connected, if you trust, if you are in your personal power, you will be okay with the discomfort.

So I learned how to be okay with discomfort. I feel that’s important because it’s already uncomfortable and it’s going to become more uncomfortable. It has to be this way because people don’t want to wake up and they don’t want to change. There are even a lot of aware people who still don’t want to change. “If change means giving up my money, forget it.” Unfortunately, it’s often very true. “If change means thinking about everyone else’s needs besides myself, I’m not really ready for that kind of change.”

TIM: Getting out of the comfort zone.

ADRIENE: The comfort zone. And what we need to do is join forces. I often talk about community and how important that is. I’m not necessarily talking about hiding away in the hills. I’m talking about having a sense of community, which means, “I’m a part of everything that is happening.” Just the other day on the news, I heard that in Colorado, and I’m moving there, this man shot his three children and then drove to a police station and started firing so they would kill him. And I thought, “Ooh, ooh,” my first impulse is, “I’m going to be living close to where that just happened,” my second impulse is, “I’m a piece of that, I’m a part of that.” You know, I can’t run from that, it’s happening all over. “What am I doing to help that situation?” Even if it’s just at a vibrational level. Instead of giving in to fear and survival and, “I’ve got to protect me and mine.” Am I thinking of how I can perhaps get people to not be afraid and inspire people to help each other and reach out? Rather than thinking, “Let’s get the wagons in a circle.”
So through the community we wouldn’t have a lack of resources, if the world was doing community. This is a well known fact. But instead we’re doing power. And so something has to change.

I really, really feel, with all of my heart, that God does not want any one of us to suffer. It’s our choice. We’re choosing it by our lack of participation and cooperation. You know, one thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is the idea of how people always say, “It’s God’s will.” Well, what is God’s will? To me, what that means personally is, aligning myself with God’s Energy, and bringing God’s Energy into my body and acting accordingly, like that Energy is my guide and how I should behave, how would God behave? That’s God’s will. What is a God being? Well, it doesn’t harm people. It cares about everybody. It loves unconditionally. To me that’s what God’s will is. And is that being done here? No. And is it God’s wrath? No, I think it’s God’s mercy that these things are going to happen because I really feel that all of the negativity that has been built up is preying on people and the extraterrestrials are preying on people. I cannot bear it.

Children need protection. I have six children, and two grandchildren. And as much as I love my own children, I have just as much caring for every child on Earth, big ones, little ones however old they are. They’re not being protected, and maybe they don’t know how to do it themselves. So the older children should help. They should teach, care of, feed and provide for the younger ones. In my book “Divine Intervention,” it talks about how God is literally going to pull Earth out of this dark energy so it will not totally disrupt and destroy all of the souls on it. Because the negativity on Earth is strong and I don’t know how anyone can say it’s not. If they look around at what’s happening in the world, that’s negative energy. And I don’t see that it’s creating something positive.

That’s where I’m different from a lot of people. I don’t feel negative energy is necessary. I feel we created it ourselves and now we have to detach from it. Detaching from it is how we stay safe, and separate from it. We must quit feeding it power. One hard thing for people is the belief that if you focus on the negative, then you get negative. But, the negative focused on me! I was just happy going to God. But along the way I happened to stumble across a few things. Then I realized that you can’t have tunnel vision. You have to look at the whole picture of what’s going on. In the higher realms, perhaps, there’s nothing negative going on, but we live in the all of the dimensions. And if you’re grounded in this dimension, you have to pay attention to this dimension and you can’t just live out here somewhere. And negative things are happening. We should be fully responsible for everything that’s going on in our entire being.

I found that as people try to connect, the helpful spiritual energy, the savior energy that is so strong tries to come in and help us. But it’s making people crazy because they are so blocked. Their energy channels are so blocked and so they don’t know how to receive it. Or it hits all of this interference and it doesn’t have anywhere to go, and they feel like they’re going to explode. Or they get so tired that they can’t even move, because high vibration is hard to hold unless you keep shifting with it.

So I’ve been working really hard at developing more and more ways, as are a lot of other people, of shifting your own vibration and getting rid of what’s in the way of being able to actually bring real God Energy into your body all the way. This means bringing the Energy in, not just in the upper centers, but all the way through the body and then grounding it into the Earth. Now it’s important to do something positive with it.

To me, this is what God is trying to do through us. He is trying to get us to help the planet, because we are the conduits. We are the channels between Spirit and nature. We have spirit and nature within us. But as people’s kundalini energies begin to awaken, it’s going to push out every nasty thing stored within them. That’s what happened with me. A lot of it was just my own nasty stuff. That energy started to come in and it would push against the channels that had been closed for eons of time. They had been closed for good reason. And so what I found is, to help people’s spiritual process, if you can help them clear what’s coming up along the way they can have a smoother, quicker process. They don’t have to get stuck in all of this gunky, negative energy. It can be very clear, “Oh, this is what’s in the way. Let’s just clear it out and now you go forward.” You don’t have to get so personally involved with it like I had to because I had to understand it. It’s not like I focused on it, but I did need to understand. One of my spiritual teachers told me, “Don’t open up that can of worms, it’s awful.” And I’m like, “Well, how do we get it out if you don’t open it?”

TIM: In the past each community intended to just focus on the light rather than the shadows.

ADRIENE: I did too. I said, “This is great. I’ll do this.” I read wonderful books, like “The Power of Your Spoken Word,” which says that if you have faith, you can manifest everything just by what you speak. But it wouldn’t work! That bothered me because I was sincere and I really tried. When you give someone an easy system and tell them that it will work, that God says this should work, but it doesn’t, then people start to think that there is something wrong with them. They think that they are not good enough because it didn’t work for them because they think that it works for others.

So I’m talking about real power, demonstrating God abilities. I kept seeking to uncover what’s in the way. Why isn’t it available to us, when I truly believe that this is our birthright. And what really bugs me is so often people talk about their past lives and all the wonderful things they have done in the past. And I’m like “Well, if you did it in your past life why can’t you do it now?” But, somehow, nobody expects to be able to do it now. Well, why not? Even myself, I know of incredible things I have done in other lives which only makes me more frustrated. Why can’t I do them now? Did I become a bad person since then? Or is it just not appropriate to show off that kind of power? Well, that kind of power could help people. So then, what is it?

In my personal healing process I had to go backwards. I went from today and then I had to go back, back, back, back, and find out every little stuckness, every little trauma, every little interference along the way that changed how things were originally within me. Because, I believe it was all right in the beginning. So I looked at what happened, between now and then, that caused us not to be able to manifest and flow with God’s Energy. Now we are just so powerless. And it bothered me when people quote Jesus, “What I can do, you can do and even more.” Well, how? And it is Jesus who has been my greatest guide with all of this, which is interesting.

TIM: I wanted to ask you about that. The focus of our next issue of the paper, and I guess there are no accidents that we’re talking now, is about Christ Consciousness. What happened two thousand years ago and how does it relate to now? You want to speak on that a little bit?

ADRIENE: Okay. I’ll give it a shot. When I get information from Spirit, I sit with it and I feel it to understand if it is truth. I discern where it’s coming from and all of those kinds of things before I accept it. What I have been told is that when Jesus first brought through the Christ Consciousness, he created a pathway for people to help them evolve because people were really not in a good place at that time. So the Christ Consciousness was more or less a pathway to bring a different kind of energy here that would support people in shifting into a higher vibration. And now this is exactly what’s happening again but at a different level. This time there are many of us who are supposed to be becoming Christ-like beings. Everyone is to become Christed. We are at the evolutionary place, in other words, where all of us should be at that level, not just one person. The Christ Consciousness has been available for two thousand years, so why aren’t we there? See what I’m saying? Well, that’s the problem and that is why I am looking. Within me, why am I not there? What’s still in the way?

So what I really feel is that the Christ Consciousness is a bridge energy. It’s an energy that, when we reach it, will help us connect with God’s Energy. And we need that help. I found that we must connect with both the positive and negative polarities of God, the Mother-Father Energy, which creates the child energy, the Christ Consciousness. So in other words, it is actually our time to reclaim our birthright as a true child of God, and that’s Christ Consciousness. Because we are of Mother-Father God, just think of that, we have the beauty of the Mother and the power of the Father combined within us, which is the child, Christ Consciousness. That’s what is being made available to every person at this time, but you have to open to it.

TIM: So the key is non-judgment about polarity, right?

ADRIENE: Yes, the key is non-judgment about polarity. I have found that the feminine polarity, and I’m talking about the feminine not as females, but as that polarity that is needed to create wholeness. There is the positive polarity and the negative polarity. I found that the feminine channels, in both men and women, have been closed for a long time. So what is happening now that’s very important, and that I have been working with this for a long time, is the feminine is healing. And not just the feminine in women, but the feminine in men is healing because it has been so suppressed. It hasn’t been allowed full expression and power. And what I found is that those feminine channels have literally been closed.

The feminine is full of hurt and pain. It’s felt powerless. So a lot of healing is needed. But what I really believe is that this polarity alignment has been corrected at the higher levels now and those passageways are available for people. So in other words, this is a zenith lifetime for people to take huge, spiritual leaps, if they know to do it. But it has to be a priority in their life. It has to be their focus, rather than striving for a bigger screen TV. You can have those material things, but what is your priority, where does your energy go? I do feel that God’s Energy is not going to break things. How chaotic the shifting looks depends upon us. And right now I’m going to say it’s going to be very chaotic because there are definitely powers on Earth that do not want change. They like having control and they are working with extraterrestrial beings to hold things in the same stuck pattern, and that makes shifting very difficult.

I had a vision that I thought was so interesting. It showed me all these people just doing their thing, a dark spaceship came and literally sprayed something over all of the people. They all laid down and pretended it didn’t happen. When the spaceship left, they got up and continued on their way. It was like, “Let’s just pretend this isn’t happening, because it’s easier to cope.” Now I really feel that all of God’s Light Beings are moving closer and they are trying to connect with us, to help us, but in order to connect with them you have to be aware and you have to be aware of the whole. I don’t know how to do partial awareness.

TIM: So if they have implants, how can they wake up?

ADRIENE: Well, first of all, I really feel that most people aren’t taking time to connect with Spirit. That’s all I was doing when all this hit me. I was just sitting and doing a nice grounded meditation. I’m not talking here about visualization. When you meditate you open up energy channels and try to connect with God. That’s what I was doing. And it’s because of that process, again, that you will get help from Spirit. When you make sincere effort, they notice, “Hey, she’s doing it again today, maybe we should go over and take a look.” But then what they will also do is start to ask for your assistance, “You seem pretty sincere.” Because people always say to me, “Why you?” And I say, “Because I said yes.” No other reason. That I was willing to help.

TIM: So that’s what it comes down to. Us agreeing to connect.

ADRIENE: Agreeing. And then if you connect, you will be asked to do things and you will have to shift your life. I see people connect, but then their first challenge is being in alignment with that Energy. God’s Energy will expect you to keep moving and flowing with it. And you are tested. I have been tested. I finally said, “You know you guys, you’ve tested me so much that this soldier is tired, now that I’m ready, I’m tired from all the testing!” But the testing is important because you don’t really know where you’re at with your own personal power until you are tested. Can you make this move? Can you make this change? What’s really important to you? And if it’s a little thing that rocks you, well, what would a big thing do?
So we are being tested because big things are coming down and those that can stay connected are going to be able to help others. I’m real confident. I mean I get caught up in fear like everybody else, because how can you not? It’s just out there, everywhere. But then I go, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Oh yeah, I could die.” Then I remember, “That’s going to happen anyway.” So why not live your life trying to do something extraordinary, rather than live your life being ordinary and being afraid. Like trying to do ordinary things in an ordinary way so you don’t create any waves, and then maybe you’ll be safe? You won’t! As you see, nobody has any control over that. As much as I take care and watch over my kids, they’re out on their trampoline and I surround them with angels and go, “I have to trust.” I don’t have control. Or even if I didn’t allow them to do that, they could get hurt doing something else.

TIM: Once you are aware that we’re here as spiritual beings to help other people, it’s still hard to not waste your time and get trapped in the fear. Then you don’t do anything at all. And the years go by, and the years go by, and you’re not doing anything.

ADRIENE: And it happens. It happens to me, but it’s no excuse. Some people say, “Well, there are yogis in the caves of India and they are just holding the vibration,” and I say, “Tell them to come out here and try to hold it. It’s easy to hold a high vibration in a cave. I’m sorry, I’m not impressed.” I’ve done cave-time. It was peaceful, you know, but my real lesson was taking that cave-time out into the world and doing something with it.

TIM: Some teachers are saying with the vibration of the world right now, we no longer have to go to India, we no longer have to go the pyramids of Egypt or to Mexico, that everyday life is like an initiation chamber.

ADRIENE: And it is, especially if you seek to use it that way. Because you can run to India and nothing can happen. You can get sick. You can kiss every statue. You can visit every spiritual teacher, and you can miss the greatest lesson that was in your own backyard. You’re like, “Oh, my gosh, here is this person in need and I just couldn’t open myself to help her.” I saw a lot of that on some spiritual pilgrimages. On one pilgrimage we did a lot of trekking in the Himalayas, which is very hard at those altitudes, and the men would run ahead to get the best sleeping spot. The women, even the older women weren’t as strong and would never get the best accommodations. The men would go and claim the best for themselves first. I wondered what kind of spirituality is that?

That’s when I realized what you receive from these spiritual pilgrimages depends on what you are going to seek. But, what is a real spiritual person? It’s not someone who does a lot of pilgrimages and seeking out of holy places, it’s one who lives a holy life. And maybe they never ever enter a church, that could be okay too, but everyday they are in their church, they’re doing their service, it’s their whole way of life. And that’s what I think is a real spiritual being. When I meet one I’m impressed. Because that’s hard. That’s the hardest, to not be petty, to give when you are tired. It’s very hard. To help when you don’t want to.

TIM: Are you a native of Minnesota?

ADRIENE: Yes. I was born there. It took me 38 years before I ever left Minnesota. Then I went to Arizona, literally to seek some retreat time. That’s where I reached the Christa Energy, which is Cosmic Christ Energy in a vibration for protection for people, to wake them up, for their self-healing, and to learn how to manifest with God’s Energy. Sometimes, in order to reach higher things, you have to withdraw from the world. I understand that. I’ve done a lot of retreat, because life it does consume us with bills to pay, laundry, runny noses, and all of the above. Every once in awhile I am called to retreat, when I need to spend time reaching something. I do that a lot.

At that time retreat was important for me because every time I opened my mouth to speak I would get so much negative energy sent to me because of the fear as well as the dark forces not wanting me to speak. I felt like, “How am I ever going to go out and talk about this? God, I will get slaughtered.” And what I was shown to do was to work real hard and bring in that protection and then give it out to others. So that’s what I do. I feel that we have to have real strong energetic bodies to be able to endure this next period. It’s hard. And so I call the Christa Energy “green beret” Energy. It’s for those who want to stay, who want to make a difference, and who want to be able to give it out to help others. So that was a gift that I received for my effort, but then you share. Whenever you have a gift, you share it with others. That’s what it’s all about. Then Spirit was like, “Okay, get going again, off the mountain. Go,” and that’s the hardest part, to be off the mountain and go.

TIM: So now you’re going to Colorado. Is this a retreat?

ADRIENE: No, this is because it seems to be our next place to be, and I trust. From Arizona I went to Colorado, we spent three years in Colorado. I really liked it, but I got a very strong urge to come back to Minnesota for a few years. And I met wonderful people, like Jacquie. Sometimes you have to go somewhere to pick up the people you need to connect with. Also my older children were here and I felt they needed a spiritual kick in the butt. With Mom gone it’s easy to get into your yuppie lifestyle. And mom doesn’t do anything, it’s just that she’s around, like a hot foot. And so some beautiful things have happened, as well as my granddaughters being born, and now it’s time to go. But I can come back here often because it’s easy, and I always have reason, I have a lot of beautiful people that I feel almost committed to being here for. I always tell them, “You don’t have to worry. I come back or you can come there, and everything I do can be done from a distance.” So I don’t ever abandon anybody and I train people to do the same kind of work that I do. So there’s more of us, which is important.

I really feel at this time that I’m being called to speak to more people and not to be afraid of that. I want to help them understand and then help them open to receive the help that really is there for them now. I understand why people get frustrated because sometimes the help really hasn’t been there, it really hasn’t. Or it’s been so rerouted, that even when you opened, you didn’t reach it. And then you decide that God’s not there for you, He’s there for everybody else but not for you. I feel because of that some of the greatest healing people need to do is their issues with God. They blame God for everything. They have anger and sometimes it’s justifiable. I really feel that it’s only because of the misunderstanding about what occurred, thinking that God didn’t save us. But God gave us our Free Will and we made our choices. God has been trying to help us to correct those choices ever since. But He can’t do it for us, and we get angry because we want someone to do it for us. “Just fix it!”

It really bothers me when people say, “You don’t have to worry, because it’s all just going to change magically. Just go ahead and do what you’re doing.” That’s never going to happen. It never has happened and it never will. Because we play a role. We have to be in our personal power and we have to participate. People are going to be forced to participate, and that’s not a bad thing, but it can look bad if it’s chaotic and it causes pain. I’d like everyone to participate without pain, that would be my ideal, because I’m a part of everybody else, so if they’re going to go through pain, I’m going to go through it too. Just because I know quite a bit doesn’t mean that I’m going to have any less uncomfortableness going on in my life, except for I’m going to listen more, and prepare, and do what I’m told, because I believe.

When I’m shown something’s going to happen, it happens. If I’m shown to prepare and I don’t prepare, I’m going to be sorry. And it’s not like the warning didn’t come down, but did you listen? So I really feel there’s a lot of people out there now saying “Listen, listen. Connect, open, listen and act.” And there’s help there for you if you’re afraid or if you don’t know how to.

TIM: And you’re going to one of the most chaotic places because of the Littleton shooting incident. There’s a lot of healing that needs to be done there.

ADRIENE: We’re real close to Littleton and I feel good about being there. At first I thought, “Oh, my gosh every time I go there something bad is happening right around me.” And I feel like, “Right now I’m sitting up on a beautiful hill overlooking Prior Lake, it’s a lovely spot with trees on both sides. But right on the other side, all of this stuff is happening here too.” You can’t hide away from it. You can have your nice refuges, but aren’t we here to participate? I am here to participate, so I’m looking forward to being there. And yeah, it’s a bustling, crazy kind of place right now, it’s growing so quickly, and there’s so much need, but that’s everywhere. This just happens to be our next space, but we’ll be moving out from it, going to different places.

TIM: When you said Colorado, that’s kind of the headquarters of the Christian coalition. In Colorado Springs, you know a lot of Christians are wearing the pendants that are saying “WWJD. It stands for “What Would Jesus Do?”

ADRIENE: Oh, I like that.

TIM: And I do too, but they tend to take it in a more fundamentalist way, you know, about abortion and stuff like that. Me, I connect with Jesus also, so I like that saying.

ADRIENE: I like it too but let’s really think about what Jesus would do and not what we think he would. Because Jesus would be mortified at what some people say.

TIM: I was thinking you might have “WWGD.” “What Would God Do?”

ADRIENE: What would God do? Exactly.

TIM: But God would want us to do what we would choose to do in that situation.

ADRIENE: And judgments are something that everyone has to work on releasing constantly. We need to stop imposing our judgments and belief systems about what we think should be onto others. It limits us. It’s the limitations that need to be expanded, so we don’t put boxes around people and make it so difficult for them. When I get angry it’s like a volcano sometimes. And if I’m going through releasing a lot of anger, I don’t like myself because I’ve been so nasty. Then the first thought that comes into my mind is, “Oh, I bet God doesn’t want anything to do with me now, because I’ve just been so nasty.” And my second thought is, “Well, there you go limiting what God wants.”

The truth is, the minute I get over my nastiness and open again, Spirit is always there, always. It’s me that leaves Spirit. Spirit never leaves us. Whether you have an abortion or don’t have an abortion, Spirit is still there. It’s our own judgments or the judgments that people place on us that separate us from God’s love.

But God Itself, the God Energy is non-judging. We are the ones who judge. God’s Energy is also non-harming. And in order to reach God, you’ve got to have a like vibration. And that doesn’t mean abortion or non-abortion, it’s not about those kinds of issues at all. The abortion issue is a hard one for me. I have six children. I look at how I’ve struggled through the years to take care of those six children, and it has been hard. And yet, if you’re not in the right place to have a child, you really shouldn’t. In my opinion, that’s okay because I don’t have the limitations about the soul.

TIM: Yeah, I tend to look at the other soul too and what they’re choosing and if this vehicle is not the right one then I can get another one.

ADRIENE: I’ve worked with some women who’ve come for healing who have had an abortion and they are still dealing with the grief of it, especially if they have had another child. I’ll say, “Do you realize that it’s the same soul? It just wasn’t right timing the first time. It’s the same soul. So get over it. You didn’t hurt anything. It was just wrong timing.”

TIM: There is a growing number of people who desire to awaken now as much as possible. Is that desire enough? You indicate that they really need to take the time to connect, listen and act.

ADRIENE: If you desire to awaken, then you have to open to what actions you need to take to accomplish that. So, having desire is good, but you’re going to have to do something. Whenever you have a strong desire, things will come your way. And maybe, like with me, I had an illness that woke me up big time. I had to do something. So then I started seeking, the right teachers appeared, or the right ways appeared. But I had to seek. I couldn’t just sit there and want it. I had to take some action steps.

People need to learn to really connect, and if they don’t know how to do that then they should seek help. Then they need to learn how to hone their own intuition and hone their egos, which means do some spiritual work. A lot of people receive information and it’s not coming from high sources, but you can’t convince them of that because it’s saying what they want to hear! Or, they’re getting information from lower vibrational beings but they don’t know the difference. See? So there’s a lot of responsibility when you really start to open. The more you know the more you realize there is to know and you’re going to have to take some time to work at it. Yet, even just being sincere and praying every day will help. Regularly do whatever works for you, asking for guidance. Then watch for what answers you get, because answers don’t always come as voices in your ears. Answers comes from inner knowings or sometimes someone else will come along and just speak to what you were struggling with. How did that happen?

TIM: Watching the synchronicities that come your way.

ADRIENE: Right. It’s really important for people to start making it a daily process. I recommend to people that every day when they first wake up they ask to connect and ask to be guided throughout everything they do that day. And at the end of the day review how often they lost that connect. Not judging yourself, but just noticing, “Did I spend any time unconnected? Did I bring my mind back?” I suggest working with sacred sound a lot, mantras, because it really helps people to connect with high vibration and God’s Energy. Mantras are like a bridge to take you there. It’s very helpful because it’s something you can do throughout the day when you’re driving, or just standing in lines, take a moment and do a mantra which helps you reconnect.

TIM: Whatever mantra you feel is appropriate?

ADRIENE: Yes, whatever mantra you feel is appropriate. To know this, though, you will need to study a little bit about mantras. Again, everything will lead you to more study. Also, another real powerful way is to attune to the Earth. You have to pay attention and realize that the Earth has consciousness and we are connected to her. We need to be aware of what she needs and what’s going to happen to her. Often when people first start to attune to the Earth they feel so sad that they don’t want to do it anymore. They feel the Earth’s trauma and sadness.

The condition the Earth is in is very sad. But we need to face it and deal with it. We need to feed the Earth high vibrational energy to assist her, see? And so these are just little things that, if you did them every day, you will start noticing changes within yourself. It’s also important to study good virtues and aspire to incorporate them into your behavior as well as teach them to your children. Teach your children not to be selfish, teach them to share, teach them not to hurt others. These are just basic human qualities, like kindness, that many people, including myself, forget to work on every single day. It’s so important.

I recently started teaching children’s spirituality classes. It’s so much fun. They are so sharp. They can do things right away. You tell them to connect with energy and bring it in, and they can do it! They can tell you what color the energy they connect with is. They can feel it. It’s fun, it’s really fun. And it’s also important to share, this is the fun part. But do you know what else you have to do to be like God’s Energy, you can’t be mean. We have to help children understand that piece.

TIM: You talked about directing our own God Energy. Is that what you were just speaking about?

ADRIENE: The mental focus is a big missing piece for people because they assume that God will just come in and do things through them. They don’t understand that they have to direct the Energy. And if you are directing it in a negative way, God’s Energy isn’t going to flow. However, you can connect with negative energy and think that you’re very powerful, but you are not connecting with God’s Energy. So purifying the mind is a huge task that must be undertaken. How to use your mental faculties positively is crucial because you are the mental director and that means you are responsible for what you create. I feel we often are real lazy mentally. It is hard work to be in control with your thoughts at all times. But again, we must be the director of the Energy and then we use our own personal power along with it. This is very important.

All the pieces have to be in place and if the Energy hits your personal power and there are all kinds of nasty things still sitting in there, then you’ve got some work to do. If you start to fill with ego and feel, “I’m really somebody,” you will find that God’s Energy will retreat very quickly. Like, “Turn off the faucet. No more juice for her for awhile until she gets herself under control.”

TIM: What are you personally working on now? What is your next challenge?

ADRIENE: The challenge that I’m working on right now is the culmination of all of this work. In other words, my whole focus from the start has been, “I want to know God.” First I worked on what was preventing me from knowing God. And now that I know God, how do I bring God’s Energy into the body to be able to manifest like Jesus, because that’s what we are being asked to do. So, I’m working on manifesting, real manifesting and demonstrating God’s power.

I found a big missing piece to that is connecting with God’s Feminine Energy. So I’ve been working very hard to open those passageways. I have created a whole new system of sounds that will lead people back to the feminine aspect of God. It’s been a missing piece. It’s fun. It’s wonderful. And then I want to put it all together. So, the Feminine Energy is what I have really been working with lately. I have been told that everything was birthed from the Feminine Energy, and what we are literally trying to do now is a re-birthing of the feminine and the masculine in proper God form. It has to happen through people. I have six kids, I don’t want to keep birthing children, it’s like that’s enough. But that’s what I’m working on now and almost there, so it’s fun.

TIM: So you’ve written a book? “Divine Intervention.”

ADRIENE: Yes, and I’ve done a beautiful CD “Water in the Eyes of Time” with powerful mantras. I’m proud of this. It has beautiful empowered mantras for healing and protection. And it’s so fun because people can memorize them quickly because they have melodies. My children listen to it every night before they go to sleep because it puts a protection around them. So, until people have the empowerment to protect themselves, give them some help. And the more they listen to the mantras, the more they become empowered.

I’ve also done a cassette, “Opening to Spirit,” which teaches people how to meditate correctly and connect. I feel that this is really important because a lot of the meditations that I found out there, and the visualizations, they don’t really open channels. So I wanted to give a real systematic way for people to start opening channels and connecting up.

TIM: Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?

ADRIENE: I’d like to leave them with a last thought. Open and reach out, because as things become more chaotic in your lives, remember that it’s easier to open and reach out than to shut down. God’s help is here now. It really is here on Earth already, and because of that, God’s Energy is going to kick up all of the negative energy. And so because of all the chaos people are going to start to think that God isn’t here, when it’s actually God just appearing. See what I’m saying? It’s actually a sign. The more negative and dark it gets, understand that it’s because all of the darkness is being revealed. It’s not like it hasn’t always been here. It’s actually been controlling everything here. But because of the powerful God Energy coming into the Earth now, the negativity is being exposed. Think about a dirty glass of water and God’s pure Energy coming in and pushing all of the dirt to the surface. So we are seeing negativity everywhere. Don’t misinterpret and think that God isn’t here for us. It’s because He’s here that we are seeing what needs to be cleansed.

Connect in with God’s Energy. Do whatever it takes to connect. Release or heal all the parts of you that are not in alignment with God’s Energy. Then it’s going to be beautiful. The promise of what’s to come is having only God’s Energy on Earth again, with no negativity. Sounds great. It’s going to be fun. But first there is going to be this uncomfortable clearing period. And the clearing happens first within us. So if we clear the negativity out of ourselves first, it will be a more comfortable ride and a more comfortable transition for everyone. Of course, that’s the work we have been doing, helping people clear and connect, so that then they can feel okay and ride out the storm instead of getting caught in the storm. That’s my message.

TIM: Thank you very much.