Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Water in the Eyes of Time

Mantra Chant by Adriene Wentworth

Empowered, traditional mantras which invoke the help and protection of Panduranga, Hanuman, Durga, Shiva, Rama, Ganesha, Krishna, Lakshmi and Gayatri, set to new, rhythmic, upbeat music that inspires the soul and soothes the spirit!

Here’s what you’ll hear . . .
Unique, refreshing blend of nine ancient, empowered mantras with rhythmic, upbeat melodies creating sacred music for healing and protection

Full, modernized sound utilizing gentle bells, keyboards, strings, didgeridoo, percussion and nature sounds

High production values enable this work to come together in a beautiful and interesting weaving of sound and voice

Designed to cleanse your energy bodies and external environments of negative energies and establish strong fields of protection; remove mental agitation and stress, restore balance and harmony, elevate your mood and help you stay positive and centered.

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AnaMata Sacred Healing Sounds CD

Adriene Wentworth presents the sacred sounds of AnaMata, Mother of all feminine energies. The ethereal, resonant mantras on this CD will help you reawaken your original channels to Divine Mother AnaMata, and call on Her energy for healing, empowerment and renewed balance of your feminine and masculine God energies.  The music will take you on a mystical journey and help you remember  your  connection to Source and what can be accomplished when you heal the past and activate your Soul’s original potential.

 “We all carry within ourselves both masculine and feminine energies – both essential to our wholeness. Somewhere along our journey, we lost our access to the Source of Cosmic Creative Energy, interfering with our natural state of harmony and balance.

Through my work, I discovered that the pathways leading to the Cosmic Mother were closed, preventing us from accessing the Cosmic Feminine Energy. With the support of my Spirit Guides, I have been able to reopen the deeply buried channels hidden within myself, reconnecting with the Cosmic Feminine Energy, manifested to me as AnaMata.

AnaMata, Mother of all feminine energies has imparted Her sacred sounds to me. I now share them with you to invoke Her feminine energies for healing, empowerment and reuniting with both the Mother and Father aspects of God.”
                                                                                                                                                                        Adriene Wentworth

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Divine Intervention (book)

The Story of the Luciferian Conspiracy and God's Solutions.

Channeled from the Ancient Spiritual Hierarchy for all of you souls who are feeling stuck and hopeless and are unaware of what is preventing you from moving into joy, fulfillment, wholeness and happiness in all aspects of your life.

Unique and bold insights revealing the conspiracies that are causing the serious problems on Earth today and what you can do to assist God’s Plan to pull the Earth out of this darkness.

 Shatters the misconceptions and illusions that have been accepted throughout the ages about dark force energy.

Masterfully presented in a story form to help you stay open and face past and present traumas which may include memories of E. T. abductions and ritual abuse.

Inspirational messages from Sananda, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and Ashtar, giving hope and positive solutions to these most sensitive and serious issues.

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Open To Spriit

Part 1:
Cleanse and nourish your body, mind and emotions through breath awareness and proper breathing exercises. Calm, center, and energize all parts of self through the art of systematic relaxation. (22:90 minutes)

Part 2:
A profound, yet simple method of meditation which guides you through the process of opening your energy channels and activating your chakras. By consistently practicing this easy process of going inward and connecting with your Soul, your Higher Self and with God, you will increase your awareness, sharpen your intuition, and awaken and activate your own spiritual gifts. (26:19 minutes)