Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Mantra Empowerment

A Service of Healing, Blessing, & Manifestation

With Chris Wentworth

 One of the greatest tools of spirituality has always been that of the mantra. Mantra is a pathway to call out to God and be met with powerful light of blessing and support. Mantra is also a sacred tool for helping to uplift and bring our consciousness in union with Source. If you are ever feeling unsupported and distant from the guidance and assistance of Spirit, mantra is the answer!

     Amidst the hardships of life and the many distractions and influences, it is easy to feel far from God and deeply grounded into dense vibration, along with all of the limitations and pathways of survival that come with it. You are not meant to struggle! You are truly loved by Source, and you are not forgotten. God is invested in all of your hopes, challenges, and desires no matter how big or small you may deem them to be. It is always ok to call out and ask for blessing in your life.

     I am very happy to now offer a service of Mantra Empowerment. This is a service that is done from a distance, and I begin this energy work by first connecting with your guides, high self, and energy systems. I will then bring full focus to the chanting of powerful Mantra and working to ground each of these unique levels of support and light into your energy systems. Along with the blessing and support, this is a service that will help to build your personal connection with these levels of God’s light. The core of this Mantra and energy work will entail:

Gayatri Mantra: For uplifting and bringing consciousness into unison with God, as well as to cleanse impurities of the mind and create a divine state where all desires can be fulfilled effortlessly and for the highest good of all concerned.

Garuda Mantra: For eradicating all fears and anxieties and building powerful protection against negative intentions and influences of others. Also, deep support for developing confidence and courage!

Lakshmi Mantra: For attracting fortune, prosperity, and to uplift out of struggle and despair.

Ganash Mantra: For removing obstacles, changing perspective, and breaking through blocks in creativity.

Shiva Mantra: For amplifying inner strength and potential and dispelling fear.

Durga Mantra: For the destruction of all evils and the ending of hardship!

Hanuman Mantra: For grounding in God’s strength and assistance in all endeavors.

Krishna Mantra: For purifying heart and mind and liberating from all forms of suffering. This mantra will also bring in joy and love in its most pure form and help to eliminate fear of judgment and punishment.

Rama Mantra: For grounding in light of Peace and Harmony!

Forgiveness: Forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others, forgiveness of all. There are few places stronger that we can bring our consciousness to than forgiveness. There is a powerful level of this service dedicated to a sincere energy and prayer of forgiveness and the cleansing of Karma.

Chakra Activation: Focused support for Each of the Chakra centers to help balance and expand to new levels of ability and spiritual strength!

This is a service of deep blessing and specialized support, but it is also about bringing consciousness further in alignment with source and strengthening the connection of God back into our lives! Walk always in the light and know that there is so much support and love for you in Spirit.

With Immense Love and Gratitude

If you have any questions regarding the Mantra Empowerment service, please feel free to message me at:
​Sessions are digitally recorded and sent through email on same day of completion.