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Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

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​Protection, Clearing, & Energizing Service

With Chris Wentworth

​Often when we think of spiritual clearing and protection, it is associated with our energy systems. Just as there is light and blessing of God to help in our healing process, there is also deep support available from Spirit that has been designed for our physical and energetic environments. Spiritual protection has always been a very strong focus of mine, and I have worked extensively with these energies for over a decade now.

This service that I offer focuses on building strong protective energy over, into, and throughout an environment. There are many forms of negative and low vibrational energies that pollute this Earth, which are very important to keep out of our living and working spaces. Many of these levels of interference impact environments by disrupting high spiritual process, taking advantage of vulnerability in the healing process of those inhabiting the area, and working to maintain old form systems of thinking, limitation, and disempowerment. The energies that I work with in this offered service are for breaking those patterns of interference and forming specialized protection of God’s energy and light in an environment to keep all levels of distortion out. There is also a unique and specialized energy brought through for the protection against manmade frequency and electronics. These types of denser physical frequencies are often times very hard on our bodies and energy systems. Manmade and electronic frequency in an environment can also disrupt high vibrational energy and even the ability to receive guidance as well. This service offers a very important level of protection against such an abundant and common place form of interference.

 Along with the protective work that takes place in this service, I will also do a full clearing for the space. Just as we can clear and heal in our energy systems, there is great potential in what can be worked on and resolved spiritually in an environment as well. The clearing aspect of the service starts with the grounding in of strong cleansing and purifying light, and then working with direct clearing energies of God to remove anything that is out of alignment or low in vibration from the area. This can entail clearing out entities, dark force energy, negative energies and aspects of others, old impressions and history of the area, and also the many low-level energies of mass consciousness and humanity. Especially when it comes to mass consciousness and humanity, there are vast amounts of negative emotional and mental energy as well as levels of conditioning that can build in even a remote area of the Earth.

 I have found that following clearing and protective work, there is a great opportunity for energizing! In this service, I will work to energetically calibrate your environment to be in alignment with your goals, manifestation process, and healing process. This is a very strong level of continuous support for a living and working space, and there is also a focus brought to raising the vibration of the environment as well. Supporting a higher vibration helps the space to be further in alignment with and closer to God’s light, support, and guidance. Once this has taken place in the service, there is then energy brought through to support spiritual privacy in the environment and to ground in deep levels of blessing. The blessing for the environment will include:

  • Energy of abundance, prosperity, and success
  • Support in overcoming all obstacles and difficulties
  • Divine energy of Harmony and Peace
  • Chanting of Mantra for manifestation and success in all endeavors
  • Energy for Supporting guidance and clarity in environment

How to schedule

This service can be done for physical spaces such as homes, property, and also office spaces. Vehicles can be included as well! Nonphysical environments can also receive this service, such as personal energies of business and manifestation, and also websites.

This service is done from a distance.

Cost: $50 (After your order is placed, I will contact you through email within one day to schedule a date and time for the session. The energy work is digitally recorded, and you will receive the audio file after completion of the service)

Please also feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have at:

With Love and Gratitude