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Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Interference on the Path

By Adriene Wentworth

I began my spiritual journey at the age of twenty-two. At that time I was busy being a wife and a mother to my two small children. Spirituality was not the focus of my attention, yet I constantly had experiences with the psychic realms that I didn’t understand or desire. Those experiences motivated me to seek out spiritual teachers and knowledge to help me cope and understand what was happening to me. I feel very blessed to have had the guidance that led me to two Himalayan Masters who shared their knowledge and skills with me and watched over my spiritual process for twenty years. Together, they guided me to God Consciousness and stayed with me until I could comfortably reach this Consciousness on my own.

During this period of intense spiritual practice I had numerous blissful experiences as my kundalini energy rose higher and higher, and yet these experiences were also sometimes mixed with frightening encounters with astral entities and powerful negative forces. Sometimes it was as if a dark cloud of depression would surround me, making it very difficult to continue focusing on my spiritual process. I noticed that this cloud of despair would appear when I was happy and ready to take a leap in my progress. Because of my long time experience with meditation and witnessing my internal states, I knew that this heaviness of energy was not coming from within. This disturbed me so deeply that I began searching for what was causing this interference and what could be done to prevent it. The spiritual community wasn’t much help and warned me not to delve into these matters, yet a strong spiritual force kept pushing me to continue my quest for Truth.

What I learned is that there are many entities and powerful negative forces that do not want us to become powerful and take charge of our lives. These dark forces play upon our vulnerabilities, reinforcing our doubts and fears. These beings cloud our judgment and hold us in heaviness, depression and despair when we are ready to claim our power. The concept of dark forces is very hard for most people to accept, yet they do exist. They have been created by men to manipulate, to harm and to hoard energy, as well as material resources. The original source of their existence came from the minds of men. These beings have been sustained by much negativity of thinking throughout the ages.

I continually prayed for guidance and eventually was led to a spiritual Master who taught me how to empower mantras for protection, but even though this helped, I found that these dark beings were still able to find ways into my energy fields as soon as I wasn’t consciously paying attention, like at night when I was asleep. I studied and apprenticed with numerous teachers and healers and practiced everything I learned from them, and yet the answers were not there. I began an extensive study of our energy bodies. With help and encouragement from Spirit I began to uncover, one by one, all of the dark force interferences in our energy bodies and developed techniques to remove them. I was then gifted with the Christa Energy which protects against these forces once the interferences and vulnerabilities are removed.

I have found many distortions in our energy bodies that keep us open and susceptible to dark force interference. These distortions were created during times when we willingly gave up our power. Dark energy is seductive, exciting and magnetic. Many of us have been drawn to some form of darkness in the past. We might have been drawn because of wanting power, but usually what happened is we became the victims and power was taken from us. Or perhaps we aligned with dark energy to get what we wanted and we hurt a lot of people, and now carry the heavy impressions of guilt and shame for our participation. We must break these old contracts and remove the aspects of ourselves that willingly participated. These denials and the distortions they create in our system keep us from being able to align with God’s Energy.

One of the most obvious openings for interference are cordings. We all have numerous cordings at many levels. These cordings interfere with our ability to find our own way, to see clearly our own chosen path. Through these cordings the belief systems and the desires of others influence us to stay where the persons or beings corded to us would like us to stay. They pull on us and subtly change the energy forms within us. The positive and good thought forms we are so sincerely trying to create are changed by this negative charge in our bodies. The negative energy comes in through the cording and the positive energy is dissipated. These tight webbings of energy hold us in place and make it very difficult to grow, heal, and expand our consciousness. Most people have been corded so often they no longer remember the beauty and Truth that is at the core of their being. These cordings need to be severed and cut and the negatively charged energy moved out of the energy bodies. This will free energy to flow in the desired direction.

What I have learned through the direct experiences of my own arduous journey is that there is a master conspiracy on our planet to keep us powerless so we can be controlled and manipulated. We are constantly bombarded with programming to stay asleep and not pay attention to what is going on around us and within us. Many of the extraterrestrials visiting our planet are not here to help. We are being preyed on for our precious soul essence. Our children are being abducted while they sleep and we have been helpless to help them because of our own implants and programming we received during our own abductions. All of the controlling devices and experimental instrumentation that has been placed in our bodies can be removed. We are not helpless against these E.T. abductions. We can protect ourselves and our children, but we have to be brave enough to see what is happening to us and then take back our power.

I have discovered a brain stem implant in the spiritual body that keeps us tuned into a frequency that holds us at a low level of awareness. This implant also creates a break in the circuitry in the subtle body that is used to complete the spiritual journey of bringing the kundalini energy to the crown chakra to merge with God. Most spiritual aspirants believe it is their lack of worthiness and readiness that is preventing their God Union because they have been trying for years to achieve Oneness and no matter how much they pray and meditate and try to live a good moral life, they are not able to merge with God.

I have also uncovered a gridwork of implants in our endocrine glands that keeps our immune system functioning at a low level and imbalances our chakra system. Energy can be easily taken through this gridwork leaving us in a constant exhausted and depleted state. When one is functioning at a low level of wellness it is very difficult to have zest for living and being creative. Striving on the spiritual path seems like too much effort with too little results. Keeping us in a hopeless state of existence is a major goal of the dark forces who can then easily prey on our weaknesses.

The spiritual journey has always been the experience of emerging from the Source of God, falling into darkness and illusion because of naïveté and lack of wisdom, creating experiences for learning and then with full knowledge, finding the way back to the Source. Now, because of the numerous interferences, many are not able to free themselves and find their way Home. Many sincere seekers are losing hope because they have been unable to truly connect with God’s Energy, bring it into their vehicles and manifest what they want and need to achieve all of their goals and dreams. We have come to believe that it is truly not possible. It is possible and all the help we need is here.

My firm belief throughout my journey has been, “for every problem there is a solution.” God is reaching out to us to support and guide us back to the safety of His Energy. We must be brave enough to look and see what is preventing us from being able to connect with Him and receive His loving support. We must accept responsibility for what we have created and allowed, and take the necessary actions to bring ourselves back into alignment.