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Interconnections 2: Music & Reading with a Spiritual Flavor

With host Linda Louise, Nevada City, CA

LINDA LOUISE — Tell us a bit about your life and what lead you to uncover this information and develop the healing work you do?

— I started with my own life, and then by working with myself and my clients I uncovered, one at a time, different interferences that were keeping us from being fully connected with God and able to draw on our full potential. There is a lot of information floating around about how to manifest and how to have a healthy life in all aspects, emotional, mental, spiritual, as well as physical. But yet I found that there were some things missing to that information. One of the missing pieces are the interferences that I have uncovered. There is a master conspiracy on this planet to keep people functioning at a low level of being.

I worked very diligently in my own healing practice, uncovering these things and working with people. I saw that once the interferences were removed people were able to achieve their dreams and move forward and have success in their lives. Success, to me, is health and well-being on all levels, that’s the most important thing you can have for success. It was after all this that the information came through about this story, Divine Intervention. All the information came together in a story form to help people understand why all of this happened, how things got so out of balance, what is going to happen to correct it and what is our piece in all of this, what do we need to do to assist coming back into balance and full alignment with God.

So, with Water in the Eyes of Time, the music with the mantras came about because people need protection and they need additional tools to help them through this next time period. Many beautiful things are happening on the planet, but the switch-over from the way we are now, very stuck in illusion, very stuck in old-form thinking and ways is also happening. This switch-over is not going to happen without tremendous upheaval. Of course the upheaval part of it is the earth changes that everyone is predicting and seeing happening. But there is more to the story than that. My piece has been to reveal and to help people see some things that they haven’t been able to see, and then once they do see, to help them figure out what to do about it, how to become free of this bondage, how to again feel confident that God will support them through this coming period. The mantra tape alone will help people connect with God and also helps surround them with a vibration that is protective as they go through their daily challenges and as those challenges increase. So that’s kind of a mouthful, but it’s a big question.

LINDA LOUISE — Is just listening to mantras powerful in itself? It isn’t necessary to actually chant them?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — It is always more powerful to do things for yourself. Always. But the mantras on this tape are empowered. This means I have received power from Spirit and from the Masters who I worked with throughout my spiritual journey, and I have been able to empower that to work for others. So this music will set a vibration. When you just listen to the mantra tape, it will help clear your energy field, it will help clear the space in your office or your home, it will help your children be protected, and it will help draw closer to you the beings (deities) that each of these mantras represents.

But then, if you really want to start doing something with that, you have to start working with it within yourself, whether you chant it, whether you say it in your mind, or whether you meditate with them. But sometimes you need help to connect up and the tape will do that. It’s like I can’t be everywhere and not everyone can be drawn to a teacher who knows how to do that. The tape/CD will connect you. We have to find faster and better and easier ways to help people connect up to Spirit. So this is one way that will work. It is a powerful tape.

LINDA LOUISE — I’ve had that experience with it too. I can attest to that. There is something really special about chanting. My experience has been that whatever I was chanting, I could definitely feel the vibration within me. It was more concrete, it was more observable. Listening to it is more on a subtle level, which doesn’t make it any less real, it’s just harder to observe. When I’m actually chanting myself, I can feel it in my chest and abdomen and elsewhere, and I can almost feel things moving around inside, light coming in.

 — Things are moving around!

LINDA LOUISE — I know. I know and I have that belief because of the energy work that I do. I’m glad that you opened by talking about the mantras because that’s a wonderful way to introduce the work. Let’s talk about the book, Divine Intervention. I know for many years you’ve been doing various kinds of healing work and have had a healing center. You’ve been working with people individually and teaching and all sorts of things. And then this book started to kind of plow it’s way through. You weren’t saying, “Now I’m going to channel a book.”

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Spirit kept demanding it of me. Amidst raising children, I would have dreams and Spirit would say, “Can’t you just write one page a day?” It was like, just do it and get it over with.

LINDA LOUISE — So the book Divine Intervention happened and it does talk about some, what I found in places, very troubling material. You just referred awhile ago to evil forces, dark force energies and lots of discussion about Lucifer. You and I had talked about this before. Whether we use the term Lucifer or dark force energies or evil, I just have some resistance to believing that there is such a thing. Considering my history I don’t know why I have such difficulty believing there could be evil in the world, but for some reason I do. It’s hard for me to really believe that.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — I think that it’s because of fear. We are so afraid to deal with things that we don’t know what to do about. And if there’s evil in the world, my goodness how are we going to deal with that? But look around, there is evil in the world. There is a lot of evil in the world. I am going to make a bold statement here and say that perhaps as much as two-thirds of our population are not even human anymore. They are either clones or extraterrestrials from other planets that are in human bodies. There is so much going on in this world that needs to be looked at. And why is that occurring? The story book life that people are trying to hold onto is not working for them. Soon it is going to be very, very clear what is going on and then if you are not prepared for that you are going to be lost. This is why it is so important to start to take a look now.

 — In the Question and Answer part of your book you stated, “You are going to be tested like you’ve never been tested before. And yet if you hold yourself in strong alignment with God, you will be fine.” Then you went on to talk about protective energy fields and that sort of thing. So, of course, you look at the news, you look in your community, you look at all kinds of things that don’t make sense and then you can name all of that as evil, or dark force energies and the evidence is there. That’s even more reason why I’m wondering why I have such resistance.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — The evidence appears strongly in our physical world, but what is the real worry is that our very essence, our very souls are being preyed upon. This is going on, not just at the physical level, but in all of our dimensional existences. So life has gotten very complicated, it’s just not the same as it was and as we remember from times gone by. But even then we’ve been caught up in this illusion for such a long period of time.

I think that the best thing to do with all of this is to constantly believe in goodness and believe in God and believe in God’s ability to help you. But understand that He cannot help you if you are in denial, because then you are shut down. I feel strongly that very, very soon it will be choice time on this planet. You have to decide if you are going to wake up and really deal with what is going on and do your spiritual process in the way it needs to be done to survive at the level that you need to in order to even exist again, or you are going to have to get off the planet. And it is just going to happen. A lot of people are going to be choosing to get off the planet soon because they don’t want to go through this really hard testing period.
I have had a lot of intuitive visions about what is to come, and believe me they are hard to look at because I have a family with small children and I have to keep trusting that if I don’t deal with this that’s the problem, if I do deal with it then we will be just fine.

LINDA LOUISE — Yes, yes. And let’s talk about that. I feel that. My own sense is, it’s not so much how much I can believe in a certain thing that I’m hearing, the important thing is that along with the fears and the resistances and whatnot within myself, is the understanding that I need to put into practice the things I already know, I need to learn more healing and protective techniques for myself as well as how that emanates outward.

— You have to be responsible now at all levels. You can’t pretend and just talk about your spirituality and do it in the comfort zone. You’re going to have to bring that spirituality into full force in your daily existence, and then see that it will work for you there.

— Yes. Let’s talk about that specifically. What you’ve done some years ago is bring through the Christa Energy, which is Cosmic Christ Energy in a vibration with specific intent to awaken, protect, self-heal and manifest on the physical plane. What does that mean? I just read that from your book.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — First of all, this Energy has not been here before. Cosmic Christ Energy has definitely been here before, but not in this particular vibration. This particular vibration is here now because it is needed. Again, anytime there is a need God will give a solution.
First of all, the struggle that you feel is the struggle that everybody feels. It’s like, ” I don’t know what’s going on. I can only look outside my window and life looks the same.” This Energy is wake-up energy. It definitely will wake you up. And once you are awake now you are going to be afraid because you know there’s something to be afraid of. But it’s the unconscious fear that is going to keep you from progressing on your spiritual path. When you are consciously afraid, that’s not going to stop you. Sometimes it’s very good to be afraid, it’s common sense. It doesn’t stop you from taking actions, it just makes you more cautious. It makes you think things through more.

So the Christa Energy will wake you up. The first thing it does is protect your soul. Everyone is going to die, this physical body sooner or later will die. Well maybe not Babaji over in India who has kept his physical going for eons of time, but most of us have come and gone from Earth many, many times. However, our soul, our soul essence is something we need to keep protected. That’s something that we don’t want taken from us. It is not replaceable. Divine Intervention talks in depth about the great loss in the Godhead when even one soul is lost. No one can fill that place. That’s how precious each one of us are. Think of the love that God has for us. What He is about to do to help us is so tremendous because He doesn’t want to loose any of us. He’s okay about loosing the physical bodies because you can get another one of those, but the soul essence isn’t something that can be replaced.

So the Christa Energy will protect the soul and then it will build a very protective fabric of protection right within your energy bodies, so nothing negative can reach you. All of the negativity that is being sent and bombarding you each day cannot get in anymore and you can actually feel safe. And it helps buffer, you know how the negative energy just pushes against you and wears you out and wears you down. It helps build a cocoon around you and within you where now you can evolve in comfort without feeling pulled down by everyone and interfered with by everyone. It helps you to be able to move along in a protected space, and yet it’s very strong. It gives you strength. You feel very connected, very strong. You feel more like you’re on the planet with purpose. It helps you get in touch with that purpose, and it gives you the supported feeling to be able to move forward with that purpose.

So many people really want to do something. But they don’t know what to do, and then they’re afraid to change their lives. The Christa Energy will not let you stay stuck. If you work with the energy, you have to keep moving because it just won’t let you hold still. If you stop working with it, fine. It backs off when you back off because, of course, you always have choice. But if you work with it it’s going to keep pushing you to create more, to do more, to expand more, and to grow more. So, it’s just a beautiful gift to have on the planet.

LINDA LOUISE — Would you then call it, if you did choose to work with it, would you call it a psychic kick in the butt?

 — A very big kick in the butt, and the thing that it does is it speeds up your process so much.

 — Yes, I’ve noticed that.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Everybody who has done any kind of energy work knows that when you put in a really high vibration the first thing that happens is it bumps against any of your blocks, all of your resistances, all of the lower vibrations and they have to come out. And as they are coming out, if you have attachment or denial it can be a real intense feeling. Like, “Somebody help me.” One gentleman, after he got attuned to the Christa Energy and started working with it, told me, “It was like I was put in a blender and someone just hit the top speed.”

LINDA LOUISE — Let me answer the phone and see if someone wants to talk to you…… We do have a question.

CALLER — You’re painting some very beautiful pictures with your words and thank you for being on KVMR I’m enjoying this, but it feels a bit abstract to me.

LINDA LOUISE — I was feeling that also, that we need to get more specific.

CALLER — It feels abstract, how can we really access what you are speaking about?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Can you give me a more specific question?

LINDA LOUISE — Actually, the gal that called in earlier and wanted me to ask you a question, I think it’s essentially the same question that this gentleman is asking. Her question was, “Can an individual bring through the Christa Energy themselves?” I know that you attune people to it. Can people bring it through themselves, or how can people access the energy?

 — It is my belief that once an energy has been brought here anyone can access it, if they know how. Once an energy has been made available to the Universe, if you can tune-in and reach that energy, you have it. So I don’t believe that there is only one way you can get that energy. Now, I do attune people to the Christa Energy because I know this energy, it’s familiar to me. I can make sure you are reaching it. And I have others who do Christa Attunements are well. But, I also believe that you can tune-in to the energy yourself, if you have the ability and if you can become familiar with it. The problem with tuning-in to energies that you have never felt before is you need someone to show, “Here, this is it, hold onto this,” and then to create the opening for you to receive it. If you can create the opening to receive, then you can go ahead and do that on your own. I believe that the more people become open, and the more of this energy that reaches the planet, the more available and easier to reach it will be.

CALLER — I have a question for Linda. Linda, you are known and respected in our community as a Reiki master, how does this energy differ from Reiki?

 — I asked Adriene that when we were on the air before because they are very similar energies, but they are different vibrations. This energy feels like a higher vibration.

 — I have been attuned to the Reiki energy and to the MariEl energy, and they are very powerful energies. The Christa Energy just has a specific purpose and the biggest purpose, for me, is the protection. Protection was the hardest piece, even with those other energies, I was not able to achieve the protection that you really need now.

 — From what I understood Adriene, what you described about the Christa Energy, what makes it different is that it is a protective energy, protective specifically for the soul. That is different from at least any other energy that I’m aware of, that’s been available up to now. So, it’s not that anything is less, we’re not comparing the different energies, they’re just different vibrations and have different purposes.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — All the energies are needed. All the energies are needed and they should work synergistically together. That doesn’t mean that each person has to carry every one. You do what you are drawn to do. But I have found that if you really want to move forward and you’re tired of being battered, the Christa Energy will work for you. And the reason why it is so important right now is because the Universal Energy is increasing to all of us, and people are becoming like pressure cookers. You turn on the news and people are driving by and shooting others for no reason, they are loosing it because they don’t know how to release. So things are releasing out of them and they don’t have control. It’s starting to be real chaotic out there. If you want to be able to stay on the planet, hold your balance, and be able to do some good through this coming period, you are going to need some help because it’s just so chaotic.

 — Can you be specific and give folks like the gentleman caller and others who have some familiarity with the energy. What would one do, even though they don’t know what the Christa Energy feels like, like you said it is helpful to have a guide to show you, but even without that, what would someone do who wanted to tune-in to that energy?

 — What I would do is I would pray. I would pray to Sananda and I would ask to be shown, first of all if I am capable of doing this myself. That’s the first question. If I’m not capable, what do I need to do to become capable. Because much is done, I did it myself. I did it through a long period of struggle, but I finally reached it and brought it through and grounded it into the Earth. That was very important. So I know it is here and available, whether I attune somebody or they just go, “Hey.” They can tune-in to me and go, “Oh, there it is, I can feel it.” They can attune to somebody else who is already carrying the Christa Energy and feel it.

So, my great hope is that more people start carrying the energy and that’s why I attune people and will continue to attune people, so they can share that with others. They share it and others feel it. What happens is, if you are carrying this energy and someone is open to it, the energy will immediately go right into their soul essence, wrap around it and protect it. The Christa Energy won’t invade, it won’t enter if the person doesn’t want it, but it will protect those who open to it. So it is an energy to be shared. Also, there needs to be a certain amount of people who feel, “Yes, give it to me strong so I really have a strong connection to this energy. So I know I have it and I can go out and share it with others.” Because the Christa Energy will touch people. It will awaken them and then they are going to need help.

 — Yes. As the energy is breaking things apart inside the blockages and whatnot.

 — Yes, and the first thing is defense. The first thing that hits people is being defensive. It’s like, what are you feeling you need to be afraid of? And usually there’s a lot of abuse, other times being abused by energies, by people who have said they’re going to do something to help and they end up harming. There are all kinds of reasons for being real careful.

The great thing about the Christa Energy is you can’t abuse it. If someone is carrying the energy and tries to use it to have power over someone, it won’t work. So that’s why I feel comfortable to give it out freely, it cannot be abused.

LINDA LOUISE — You mentioned about asking if you can do it yourself and what you need to do and so on. My experience, after the last show, you had said some things at the end of the show about what you can do and you gave some specific things, one of them was to ask to be shown what I need to see and to know. My experience with that simple process of asking is so powerful because immediately after I had that intention, and that’s a pretty open question, what do I need to see and know, and in my next meditation it was like this check list. I could almost see it in my mind, all these different things. There was some imagery, but it didn’t take a lot of figuring out what it was about. So it’s just my own little vote of confidence for folks who are thinking, well just asking for help in the spiritual realm, what does that do? The intention, if you’ve worked with energy you know that energy follows intentions. So just putting out the intention ……..

 — And also because so much of our fears and our blockages are unconscious, we can see them in our dream state, where sometimes we’re not open to seeing them any other way when we are conscious. But if we ask, Spirit will show us symbolically where we are stuck or what we need to do. And if we really start watching, it’s not very hard to catch on to that one. It’s very, very helpful.

LINDA LOUISE — Another way of working with the Christa Energy, as we mentioned earlier, is the mantras. That’s part of the energy that we’re talking about. Energy can seem kind of vague because we can’t touch it, and what are we talking about anyway?
It looks like the phone line is open. We have time to take one more call if someone wants to call 265-9555, toll free from the valley 564-9555. Here we go. You’re on the air on KVMR.

CALLER — I’d like to speak with Adriene please. I’m 81 years old.

LINDA LOUISE — I’m so glad that you’re joining us.

CALLER — Oh, I have to honey. I’m looking for somebody, God you don’t know, my life is such a shambles it’s unbelievable.

LINDA LOUISE — What would you like to ask Adriene?

CALLER — Did you hear me say that my life is such a shambles? It’s all crumbling around me. I’m 81 years old. All hell is breaking through, loose. Excuse me. These beings have put signs all over my body, all over me. You should see my body, what they’ve done to it because they think they own me. I’m a visionary and I can see faces everywhere and visions in the sky, but that’s not this story. What I want to know …. And my health is terrible, I have lupus and lymes disease. Where I live is a very bad place. So I try to keep peace with the world, with the people, with the neighbors, with my life, and it keeps me busy honey. But I just want to know please, what is the name of your book and where can I get it?

 — Divine Intervention. You can request it at any of your local bookstores, Barnes & Noble or Borders. If they don’t have it, tell them they can order it from New Leaf or Bookpeople. Or you can purchase it directly from me. It is $17.95 plus $2.75 postage and handling. Send your check to Christa Resources, P.O. Box 696, Prior Lake, MN 55372. Our phone number is 612-403-0594.

CALLER — Christa, is it from India?

 — Well, Christa is a Sanskrit word that means Jesus.

CALLER — That’s what I thought. Now, all those things that you were talking about, I know about the energies, the negative forces, and that the world is full of evil. I studied some in Hollywood years ago. Yogananda and different things. But that’s not enough honey, you know.


CALLER — It’s not enough for me. So listen my darling, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless you.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — And God bless you. I’m going to ask for a special blessing for you.

CALLER — Thank you darling. I sure need it. I pray for a lot of people myself all the time. I have two altars.

 — We have just a few minutes left. What would you like to close with Adriene?

 — I would like to share with people that it’s very important not to be afraid to allow the experiences you need to move you forward. Do not be afraid, because your real security and safety is in movement. Sometimes you have to allow, even some hard things in, because that will push you to take the correct action. It will always turn out wonderful if you flow.
So the thought that I want to leave everyone with is: Don’t be afraid to flow with Spirit because you can trust Spirit.

LINDA LOUISE — And the flowing can feel a little rocky at times.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — It can be frightening when you’re really attached to your life being a certain way. Letting go of what you think it should be and allowing to be shown what really will work, opening to it and seeing new possibilities.

LINDA LOUISE — Yes and keep asking for help.

— Always, never stop asking for help.

 — And asking for, as you had said earlier, to be shown what you need to know.

 — People have told me that after reading Divine Intervention, it has awakened within them memories and now they remember, they know that these things are going on in the world. They know that they’ve been abducted and they need to get their implants out, things like that. They didn’t ever really have a conscious idea of that, and the book woke them up, they saw it for themselves. You have to see things for yourself in order to trust and know that it’s Truth. So these are the kinds of things that help. If you start praying and asking and getting vibrational help in many different ways, you are going to see it and then you are going to feel it and then you will know you need to take action.

LINDA LOUISE — In a sense that’s what the book, Divine Intervention, does as well. It does paint the picture of, “This is what the situation is.” But it has all those affirmations and all those other ways of transforming that.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Those who already know these things only feel comforted to know that God is going to help us through this. It’s a good reminder, “Wait a minute, we’re not in this alone.” Sometimes we just can’t see and feel that help through the chaos.

LINDA LOUISE — Yes, it does require a certain level of faith and trusting that it’s there.


LINDA LOUISE — Adriene’s phone number is 719-487-8095. We’ve been talking with Adriene Wentworth who is a very powerful healer and teacher and spokesperson for the Ancient Spiritual Hierarchy. She channeled a book called Divine Intervention, which I would recommend highly for people to read because it does wake you up and it gives you tools. As well get a hold of the CD/cassette Water in the Eyes of Time, ancient mantras put to some very upbeat melodies that are very easy to listen to and just kind of ooze into the pores and down into the cells inside the body. This is how I would describe my experience with it! It’s very powerful. I recommend both of those.

Adriene, once again many thanks for being on KVMR – FM radio. We’ll have to do this again!