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Interconnections 1: Music & Reading with a Spiritual Flavor

With host Linda Louise, Nevada City, CA

LINDA LOUISE — Adriene Wentworth is a spiritual healer, teacher and spokesperson for the Ancient Spiritual Hierarchy which is guiding humanity and the Earth through this period of change and evolution. Adriene has traveled a few times to India to study with Himalayan Masters and she’s been active in the fields of holistic health, healing and spirituality for the past fifteen years. After many years of study and private practice Adriene developed the Christa Healing Method which is a unique and powerful healing form that clears the energy bodies from known and unknown influences. She believes this clearing work is the missing link, or missing key, in most people’s healing process.

In 1993 Adriene brought through an entirely new form of healing energy called the Christa Energy which is Cosmic Christ Energy in a vibration with specific intent to awaken, protect, self-heal and manifest on the physical plane.

Adriene, it’s very much a pleasure to have you on the air on KVMR here in Nevada City. For the last hour, folks have been listening to the CD Water in the Eyes of Time which you put out over a year ago. Then we opened this segment with the Gayatri mantra, which is the quintessential mantra one might say, known to be the most powerful mantra of all of them. We’ll be getting into quite a bit about the book that you channeled, Divine Intervention, but I’d like to start with a discussion about the music. How did the music come about?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Everything that I’ve done I have been guided to do and mantras have always been a very big piece of my work. I have a strong Yogic background and for a long time I studied the different effects of mantras. I found that a lot of the known mantras which we’re taught are to achieve certain states of consciousness also have other uses. I found that a mantra is multidimensional as well. And so when you can tap into the other powers of the mantra you can get additional benefits.

My role as a healer has always been to help people evolve and move more quickly, so I do everything I know to speed up the process. Working with mantras is one of the easiest ways for people to protect themselves and to attune to higher vibrational energy. I was really pushed by my guides to do this tape because I have developed the ability to empower mantras for other people. They can start using the mantras and get themselves into more self-empowerment.

I had many conversations and visions with my guides and I kept saying, “But I don’t sing.” And they responded, “Would you please do this. It’s the vibration that is so needed to clear the airways, first of all the internal environment for people, as well as the external environment so they can seek Truth, so they can feel God’s Energy. And do it in a way that will be inspirational and interesting to them.”

You get the most effect from mantras by doing them over and over and over and over. The more times you recite them the more effective it becomes within you. My concept was to take something like a chant tape which can be very monotonous and add interesting, intricate music to it. This way you can listen to it again and again and easily learn the mantras because they have a melody to them. Many people have said that they have never heard anyone put music to the Gayatri before, and yet children can learn it and sing it because of the melody. Again, we take our old knowledge add what we know now, and put them together into a better package for where people are now, rather than where they were when everyone was chanting mantras to Indian music. For me, I like some of that and some of it is annoying after a certain amount of time.

So, this was my concept and I went out on a limb with it. I worked with a composer, Rob McWilliams, who wrote the music. As I sat down with him I explained each mantra and what kind of flavor it required. We went back and forth. I’d explain that Durga is powerful and needs really powerful music. So the music matches what each mantra is intended to do. That was quite a challenge for Rob, but he did wonderful and came up with all original music for these mantras even though it’s something he knew absolutely nothing about. Then people in the recording studio started to have spiritual experiences because they played the mantras so much over and over. They’d be running around singing the Gayatri all day and wondering what was happening to them! It was fun to watch the effect the vibration had on people who had no knowledge. It was very fun to do and very challenging for me.

LINDA LOUISE — Is this CD, Water in the Eyes of Time, generally available in stores?

 — Well I’m trying to get more awareness. I do have some distributors, Ladyslipper & DeVorss. I’m trying to get it more available in record stores. If people request it, stores can get it through the distributors. Also it’s available and can be purchased through my company, Christa Resources. It’s 15.98 for a CD and 9.98 for a cassette, plus shipping and handling. My book, Divine Intervention, is now available through Barnes & Noble or Borders.

LINDA LOUISE — If they’d like to be in touch with you directly about that or other things, let’s give your phone number.

 — The phone number for Christa Resources is (719) 487-8095.

LINDA LOUISE — I’ve had some folks, by the way, who’ve tuned in today because I’ve been promoting this segment of the show through this week, and I’ve had some people call me and tell me that they’ve got up, not just to hear you in this hour, but they got up a 4 am to hear the whole show to hear what I do.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Those are sincere seekers.

LINDA LOUISE — Indeed, because not everybody can get up at 4 o’clock on a Sunday morning. It’s a little unusual for most people, so I’m always very grateful and feel quite blessed to know that there are people out there that are finding what we do here at KVMR to be of help, and particularly a spiritually focused show, like this. I really wanted to bless people with the whole CD, Water in the Eyes of Time, this morning and play it straight through. So I did play the first eight tracks straight through. Then there was a break with the astrological report, right before the Gayatri mantra was played, introducing you and this hour. I felt that people were getting in tune with you, even before I had you on the air, because the music was getting us all in some kind of a healing energy, it has us all on the same wavelength or something.

As you mentioned earlier, the music and the book are very much interwoven in the process that came about for you in bringing them through. Let’s talk a bit about the book, Divine Intervention, the Story of the Luciferian Conspiracy and God’s Solutions. How did this book come about? What was the process in which it was channeled?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — It’s an interesting story. Everything that I have channeled I have experienced directly. I would not come forward with a book like this unless I myself had experienced these things as Truth. For many years in the healing work that I do, I kept coming across more and more dark force interferences, energies that were keeping people stuck. People didn’t even understand what was going on with them, all they knew was that they’d get to a certain level and they couldn’t get past it. Because I’m a seeker of Truth myself, I kept delving into what was going on and I would find discovery after discovery. And of course, you can’t tell people about things that are going on unless you have solutions. So I worked very hard with Spirit on solutions. Jesus has been a particularly strong guiding force for me. A lot of people are surprised at this because they don’t know the side of Jesus as Healer, and how he really pushes to help people in all the different ways that are needed.

It was very interesting because I would discover all these interferences and then I’d be guided to find ways to help people, often by removing the interferences and protecting themselves from it reoccurring. It was after I really went full circle with everything that I was then given the information explaining it all. Oftentimes people are given information and then they go about searching for Truth. What I was told, and have grown to understand, is that unless you have the direct experience you don’t have the opening to receive certain kinds of information.

So the experiences needed to happen first. I had to remove my own interferences, my own blocks, my own rigid belief systems about things and be open to accepting that this is really true, that this can really occur. I was just as shocked as everyone else, but yet I was seeing it over and over in my daily healing practice. So again, I had to open up because it was there. I was shown in ways that I couldn’t deny that all of this exists, and then came the book, after the fact. So it was a little bit different. I had a lot of resistance to working on this book because I’m not a writer, just as I’m not a singer, but yet it’s important for people to have this information.

I believe that Divine Intervention is a real wake-up call. I feel that there are many, many people that are searching and are not getting the answers they are looking for. And anytime people are sincere and really searching, God always comes through and will show them a place to go, or a message will come across strongly for what they need to move them forward.

I’m just doing my piece. It’s been a really bumpy journey for me because of the things I’ve had to experience in order to absolutely know that this is true. And it’s a good thing that I was spiritually strong before I started because most people when they bump into these kinds of things, don’t want to touch them. They think if they don’t touch it, it will go away. And in essence it will, because if you don’t mess with it, the controlling forces will be influencing you, but as long as you don’t do anything to upset their control, you’re literally left alone. But for me, once I’ve opened up a can of worms, I want to clean it out. I want to see why it is happening and why people don’t want to talk about it. So, it has been my quest for years and years and years now, through my own experiences, to find satisfaction for what was going on in my own life, and what I saw coming through my clients, finding ways to help myself and them.

 — That sounds like a very grounded process then.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — It was very grounded. You have to stay grounded with this kind of information.

LINDA LOUISE — That’s one of the main challenges that I feel a lot of people feel these days is the need, and then the challenge to be grounded because of the kind of energies that you’re talking about that we’re aware of and even people that aren’t aware of these energies. It seems like it’s more of a challenge to be grounded these days. With someone like me, with four planets in Gemini, it’s always a challenge to be grounded!
Let’s get into some specifics about what’s been written in the book, Divine Intervention. What is the antichrist energy?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — The antichrist energy is an energy that has been created in opposition to the Cosmic Christ Energy. In other words, the Cosmic Christ Energy is a gift from God. I believe that Jesus was the one who broke that energy through for mankind. It’s here as a gift, to give mankind something to hold on to, to bring them back to the Source. It’s very, very difficult when you’re talking about dimensions; there’s a tremendous amount of vibrational difference between God’s Energy and the density of where we are vibrating at this time.

The Cosmic Christ Energy is something that can actually reach us in the dimensions where we dwell. The antichrist energy has been created by the forces that oppose our forward movement back to God. This energy wraps around people and keeps them in a very confused state. It keeps them stuck. It’s as though people are walking around with, what looks like to me, a fish bowl on their head. They can only see a very limited existence. They can’t see beyond it and they can’t even tell that they’re within this limited view because it’s transparent and they can see through it. But it’s really keeping other things from reaching us. So it keeps us cut off from all the help that is available at all the different levels, all of the wonderful Beings of Light who are really trying to reach us. The antichrist energy kind of shakes us up and plays on all of our pettiness and ego issues. We need to be joining forces, with everyone coming forward and sharing their knowledge, “Look what I found out. Gee, look what I know.”

Instead, the antichrist energy causes everybody to get stuck in their ego and think they know it all and then they shut down from working cooperatively with each other. This energy is very, very damaging in that sense, because I have seen that if it is allowed and goes unchecked, it will infiltrate into the inner bodies and start to distort your own soul essence. That’s a very dangerous situation. It’s very difficult to try to explain it in a few words.

LINDA LOUISE — We are dealing with some complex concepts here and there’s never enough time on this show, I feel, to get into some of the things that I’d like to. So those are the kinds of tension, maybe battles, that have been going on probably forever on this planet.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — What Divine Intervention tries to explain is where the battle between good and evil, Light and dark, began. To me it has taken a real stab at something difficult. The information really helps people understand that almost from the beginning of creation distortions began. They have become worse and worse and worse as time goes on. Part of it has been just the learning process. Of course when we were just young souls we were given all of this power. We had unlimited power because of our connection with the Source. We were told to go ahead and explore and do whatever we wanted. But there were really no check and balances in the beginning. And as children, we went and played in ways that were not healthy. One of the hardest concepts for people is that God didn’t know what was going to happen.

LINDA LOUISE — I found that a very difficult concept.

 — Right, but we haven’t understood that God is an evolving energy, just as we are. We are made in the image and likeness of God. This information is told in a story form to help people look at this as a story rather than trying to analyze it right off because if you try to analyze it right off you’re going to shut down and go, “No, no, no.” So think of it as a fairy tale to start with, and then start to feel into it and start to feel what’s going on within you with the resistances that you are feeling to the information. One of the things I tell people is, “If you’re having a real strong reaction to the material, why? If you’re so confident that what you know is true, why is this bothering you? What is it that is affecting you so much?”

I’ve experienced this resistance myself. As I was developing my work, one of the hardest things for me to deal with was all the extraterrestrial interference. I can deal with Satan. I can deal with dark energies, but don’t tell me that we are being interfered with by extraterrestrials. I did not want to deal with that. Of course I had such a strong, angry reaction because of what had happened to me as a child. I was tightly guarding the memories of those childhood experiences because it was very difficult to deal with. So, again, I was shown in ways that I couldn’t deny that this has gone on. I saw how it was continuing on with my own children, and as a mother I am much more concerned for them than I was for myself. You know how it is, you’ll do anything for your children, and because my awareness was so great, just from my own spiritual process, I couldn’t deny what I was seeing anymore. Many people just shut down. I believe that they fragment themselves, they evolve the parts of themselves that they can, and they shut down the rest. They’re not really evolving all of their energy.

One thing I hear people say is that in the upper dimensions none of this exists. It would be nice if that were true, except that we exist in all of the dimensions. We exist in the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension and the 5th dimension, all the way up to the Source. You can’t just dwell on the upper dimensions because the lower dimensions are going to prevent you from reaching them. It’s multidimensional, we are evolving all of our multidimensional aspects, but we really have to deal with where they are stuck. It’s just very, very interesting. I know where people have trouble with this kind of information.

LINDA LOUISE — Indeed, I certainly did when I was reading Divine Intervention. I went into some resistance just about the time when you addressed it in the book. I kept thinking, “No, that doesn’t make sense.” I almost was feeling it at a body level, then you addressed it in the book and that was a real clue for me that something was going on.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Yes and in my healing work people comment on this. And I’m like, “Well I’m going to have to tell you what you’re experiencing, what I’m seeing,” and as soon as I bring it into their awareness they respond, “Okay please release this and release it now.” After I remove the interferences they say that they feel free. When you don’t know what you can do about something there’s a tendency not to look at it because what are you going to do? How are you going to deal with life then? And that was my response as I was discovering all of this, at times I wanted to just turn on the TV, watch a happy show, like Happy Days and pretend life is good like the show. But once you know you can’t go back, it doesn’t work anymore, and thank God because unless you’re really free, you always know there’s an underlying something that is not right that you’re fighting against.

LINDA LOUISE — Yes, it’s that unseen force that can be really disorienting or unnerving.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — And dark force energy, dark energies are seductive. There is not one of us who has not, in some lifetime, got hooked in because of being naive and it seemed interesting. Most beings who carry dark energy have a lot of magnetic energy, they’re very charismatic. You go to see what it’s about and before you know it you’re locked in. I deal with this with people all the time, even in this lifetime incidences where they get involved with a group and the leader has literally taken over their lives. They try to get away, but because they’ve developed all of these cordings with the people and the programming, they’re not free even when they leave the organization. This is what happens. It’s so hard for them to be free of this. There isn’t one of us who hasn’t experienced witchcraft or black magic in another lifetime, even though maybe this lifetime and many lifetimes before this one, we made the choice not to participate, we haven’t sufficiently unhooked from these energies, so they still draw on us, they still influence us, they still pull on us all the time. This makes our journey long and hard and difficult.

LINDA LOUISE — And because of the subtleties and the fact that it’s so seductive and the implants that you talk about, we don’t even know what’s going on.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — We don’t even know, and I see things in visions all the time. I’ve developed my inner sight and have learned that I can trust what I see. I started with little things, like “Oh my gosh, that was true and that was true.” Then Spirit started to give me bigger and bigger things. But what I saw, and this will trigger a lot of people, I saw that even with many well-meaning Lightworkers, they’re tuned-in to a certain frequency that they can’t wake up out of. It’s as though they are only seeing at a certain level because of being controlled by a frequency. What I’m finding with the implants is they keep you programmed at a certain level of thinking. You can’t see past it and you don’t even know that there’s more to be seen. And you get very, very defensive about that.

When I take out these implants and remove the distortions that I have found in the energy bodies, all of a sudden the fear that I always see behind people’s eyes goes away. People are afraid to claim their power again because they know that if they get into their power it can be controlled if they have all of these interferences, or it can be very, very difficult. You have to be so strong to fight against it all of the time that most people just give up. I’ve known some beautiful, beautiful energies who have just shut down and given up because as soon as they came forward with their gifts they got so intimidated by the dark energies, they just decided not to do their contributions. Most people will choose not to participate, or to participate at a level where no one is going to bother them. The dark energies go, “You’re really not touching on us, so go ahead.”

To me, one of the intents of Divine Intervention is to let people know that there are others out there who understand this. They know this interference is occurring, but don’t know how to reach people. I believe that there are other people who have developed work similar to mine. I did what I knew to do from my experiences, from all of my past history of healing from all of my lifetimes. But I believe that there are others who can possibly do it faster and quicker if I can just find them, connect with them and work cooperatively to help people understand what’s going on and let them know that there are solutions.

LINDA LOUISE — Isn’t that a wonderful advantage of something like radio or other forms of media, so that maybe somebody hearing the show today will go, “Oh yes,” and jot down your number, and there will be another team member.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — With every audience I speak to I find that there’s 20% who already knew everything I said, and they are the ones who show up for question and answer sessions, workshops and all the group activities that come after the event. But the first thing they say to me is, “Adriene, you shouldn’t be saying these things. It is dangerous to say these things.” My response is that although it might be dangerous to say these things, you’re not helping people unless you help them understand what is interfering with their lives and what is going on. How can they claim their power when they don’t even know that their power is not available to them, or that their power is being used?
You can look at it from whatever level you want, from just the subtlest level of how your life is working to the bigger world picture, the universal picture, just going on from there. But at every level when people look at their lives they are usually going to say that they are having a problem at some level, and they don’t know why. Myself, I searched and searched and I read all the books and did all the affirmations. I tried the manifesting techniques and I tried to make excuses why they didn’t work.

LINDA LOUISE — Something was missing.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Yes something was missing and so I kept having to look at what was missing. And the more I looked into it the more the opposition really tried to keep me from exploring more, which only made me realize that I must be onto something if I’m getting all this attention.

LINDA LOUISE — Was your tendency also like mine would have been, or has been in those situations, to think that I’m doing something wrong? Did you think that you were doing something wrong?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Well of course. But the thing that has helped me so much is that first of all I did my spiritual process. I sat for meditation and did all of my austerities for ten years before I even tried to get into any of this. So I am very clear with my God connection. I am very confident with my spiritual abilities. So then I was very shocked that this is what I found out after the fact. Most people, after they achieve certain levels of spirituality just talk about the wonderfulness, but it’s like guess what guys, I can see what’s really going on now and someone needs to tell you that this is what is preventing people from reaching those levels.

I feel like I’ve been very protected and very guided so that I could make my way through the entrapments and then I can be a true messenger because I’ve experienced this. I believe many people are experiencing it, maybe some people aren’t and they are the lucky ones. What I am seeing is that it’s widespread and it’s everywhere. The more you are aware of the illusion, the layers and layers of illusion that we have to see through, it’s maddening. You just want to break it. I really believe that people are going to be starting to see these things more and more clearly, they already are beginning to.

From what I experience when I travel and meet new people, they’re sharing with me experiences. Some of them are ordinary people right off the street. They haven’t been reading the new age literature, haven’t been studying all the spiritual scriptures, they’re having experiences. They’re seeing things that they don’t know how to deal with, or they’re having experiences themselves. They’re scared and they want somebody to help them, and I know what that’s about.

 — How is this dark force energy, the antichrist energy, how is it actually working? Give us specifics, does it work through other people and through ourselves?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — It definitely works through other people. As Divine Intervention explains, that’s how it all started. We are responsible, we truly are responsible in the sense that we created it to begin with. It was created from our essence, but our essence was manipulated and changed in a way that no longer is in alignment with God’s Energy. Like with Lucifer. I grew up Catholic and I didn’t think about Lucifer for years past getting my catechism lesson, that kind of thing. Then I went the total Yogic route, getting into Krishna and all these other beings. This is just another way of dealing with things. Every major religion has its prototypes and archetypes with good and evil, just with different names and different ways of dealing with them.

I never really wanted to get back into this concept of Lucifer, but yet these beings started to show up, as formed energy, not only in my own life, but in my healing work. I didn’t understand that, I didn’t think they really existed myself until I saw the kind of damage they could do. Then I had to figure out how this was created, where it came from.

In Divine Intervention it explains that most people consider Lucifer to be a fallen angel, a being created by God. This book is saying that Lucifer was never created by God. Lucifer does not have original soul essence. He was created from our own distortions, when our minds played and created images that weren’t in alignment with God’s Energy and then fed it vital force energy. The manifesting process has always been that you visualize and then you energize. That really is how it works, but we visualized and energized things that were not in alignment and this is how dark force energy began. And because it is so seductive and we were so naive, we didn’t know what we were playing with. And because we have free will, things have been continuing and continuing over eons of time until now they’ve gotten way out of hand.

And now, I really believe and I know that there are people out there who agree, that at this time dark force energy literally controls our planet. And this is something that many people don’t want to see. There is so much going on. We are being fed programming to make us feel that we are in control, and yet we really have no control here at all. These are the hard facts. People must be told the hard facts so they can free themselves from it and experience it for themselves. You have to experience things for yourself. Unless people understand, how are they going to know how to participate and how to change things? This is the important part.

So when people experience my work, I don’t try to say, “This is how it is.” I say, “Let’s clear out your energies and now you tell me what your truth is.” I will remove everything that is not truth, all of the influences, whether it’s from other people they are corded to, or other beings that have infiltrated them, or the implants that send programming to just stay asleep, or the programming that comes over the airwaves. Part of the reason for getting the mantra tape played over the airwaves is to just break the hold, when you put that purity of a vibration in, to break the hold of what else is being sent there. I can’t stop what else is being sent, but I can offer another choice to help people get some clarity and then choose.

LINDA LOUISE — One can get into a lot of despair hearing some of what you’re talking about, that we’re not in control, we haven’t been, we’ve been manipulated, there’s dark force energy at work on the planet in lots of different forms. You’ve just mentioned one way to work with that, the mantras. We can listen to your music, we can chant the mantras and that’s very powerful healing energy. What are some of the other things that we can do at this time in terms of self-protection, in terms of grounding energy, in terms of just being in the space we need to be in?

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — Well what I feel is vitally important is first of all to acknowledge, really ask to be shown what is going on, and you will see it. You’ll see it in a dream or you’ll see it through an experience. Most people don’t want to know so they are shutting down information. The information is right there for them, but they’re shutting down to it because they are afraid. And as you say, then there’s this depression, like “I try to keep a positive attitude, but now you’re telling me this …”

I felt the same way when I started having these experiences. I would get so depressed, until I realized that until I face it, clear it and align with God, then clear out what’s preventing me from bringing in and holding those positive energies, I’m always going to be powerless to do anything to change my own life as well as help anyone else to change theirs.

I think the mantras are an easy way for people to begin. As well, I’ve known people who are very religious and they pray. Whatever your vehicle is to attune to God, they pray and pray and that sets up a nice protective field of energy around them also. But it will not hold, the minute you stop it dissipates. Even with mantras, that energy will dissipate unless you keep doing it.

I tried every form of protection. You bring in the White Light and that’s nice, but then it dissipates and you have to keep bringing it in over and over. You have to work on holding your protection all day long, and we have other things to do besides just try to stay protected. And because of all the vulnerabilities it’s not so easy. It’s like a wide open faucet that can be turned on and off very easily because of all the hook-ins. So what I tell people is that first you have to remove all of the hook-ins, what is feeding it, what is allowing this in. And to do that you’re going to have to deal with some of your own dark past.

What I have found is that most people are running around feeling like a victim to this kind of abuse and that kind of abuse, and this may be true. But in my own life and experiences and what I’ve seen with others is, once I’m done dealing with “poor me, poor me,” I found out how I’ve abused the very same things that now I’m a victim to. And unless I release that, which I’m holding and protecting because it’s too painful for me to look at, it’s going to continue to reoccur over and over again.

I prayed and prayed, asking to be shown how to stay protected myself and how to help other people stay protected, and that’s when I was gifted with the Christa Energy. This is Cosmic Christ Energy, but its in a specific vibration that protects. When you work with it, it weaves within all your energy bodies and builds a very strong fabric of protection. Once this came through and I worked with it and started to give it out to others to work with, and for the first time in my life I’m safe. I can sleep at night and not worry about what’s going to go on. My children can sleep at night and I don’t have to worry about them being attacked, and what’s going on.

Now, this is the solution I came through with, I also believe that other people probably have come up with other ways to do this. But what I am saying is that many people are not protected and they’re not protecting their children. Because I have six children of my own, children are a big issue for me. It’s important for them to be protected. I’m watching children are being abducted at night. I’m watching how parent’s implants are being activated and they’re just lying there asleep and can’t even become aware of what’s going on. Their children are taken, experimented on, given all these hook-ins, then they come back and nobody knows what has happened except for the children with the fear in their eyes. It’s amazing. They are so sacred. They need protection.

My children listen to the mantra tape every night as they go to sleep. I’m like, “Aren’t you sick of hearing this?” But they love going to sleep with that energy, it’s the energy of it that makes them feel safe because until you’re in your personal power you need help. So the mantra tape, to me, is a way to help people get protection until they’re at the place where they are in their own personal power again and can draw on that protection. These mantras will connect you with the higher vibrational beings who want to help. The mantras help you reach that vibration and bring it in for yourself. So, it’s a very nice, easy way to do it.

LINDA LOUISE — That’s a good reminder that we aren’t alone.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — We’re not alone and if I was alone I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. I’m just a vehicle.

 — Thank heavens for all of us because none of us could do this alone. My belief has been for a long time that the kind of healing that most of us have to do, at the deep levels that we have to do it, there’s just no way that we could do it alone. There’s our inner wisdom and then there’s all the beings on this plane and other planes that are just waiting to be asked to help.

— They’re waiting to help. For me, my strong philosophy through all this, and I had to have this belief or I couldn’t have kept going, is that for every problem there is a solution. So it doesn’t matter how serious the problem. I believe that for every place where we have developed dysfunction and imbalance, there is a way to get functional and balanced again. In that way I’m not limited in what I believe can happen. And I have found that when I find an interference and ask to be shown the solution, the solution is found. And that’s what kept me plugging along.

Divine Intervention is saying that whenever things get too out of balance, as they are now, God will intervene and help to protect the pure, to protect those who are sincere. But if we are not able to reach and accept that help, how can He help us? Most people aren’t aware of that, they’ll pray and pray and pray, and feel that God isn’t answering their prayers. They don’t understand that there’s more to it than just prayer. Their connections have to be strong, and they have to take their own personal responsibility. You have to be a co-creator in helping God fix all of this. There’s more responsibility than people want to accept. It’s a lot of responsibility.

LINDA LOUISE — Adriene, we’re going to need to wrap this up. I hate to say that. Let’s give your phone number again. 612, 403-0594
LINDA LOUISE — I’ve been talking with Adriene Wentworth, a spiritual healer, teacher and spokesperson for the Ancient Spiritual Hierarchy which is guiding humanity and the Earth through this period of change and evolution. She’s put together a CD with very, very powerful music based on the ancient mantras. The CD is called “Water in the Eyes of Time” and she’s also channeled a book called “Divine Intervention, the Story of the Luciferian Conspiracy and God’s Solutions.” As Adriene and I just said, there’s so much to be covered. We’ve already talked about her coming back on the air at some point so that the listeners here in the Northern Sierra foothills and Sacramento Valley can hear more. I think that the word is going to get out from people who have heard your show today and talk to their friends, “Oh, you should have heard……” How about a final thought, for this show, to leave folks with.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — The message that I would like to leave people with is that it’s safe to wake-up because God is there for them and will help us through this. Fear is holding us back from taking the actions we need to take because we’re not trusting that the help will be there for us. It is there. All we have to do is open, look, and start to be responsible and deal with everything that we’re holding, all our denials.

LINDA LOUISE — Oh, I just got goose bumps. That’s a beautiful way to end. Yes, it is safe to wake-up, and it’s time.

ADRIENE WENTWORTH — It’s time! Time is of the essence. Exactly. Better do it now!

LINDA LOUISE — Right, you don’t know how much time there is left.


LINDA LOUISE — Thank you so much for spending this time with us on the air here on KVMR-FM and sharing and taking the risks that you have, in spreading the word that’s been brought through you. I very much appreciate that and I’m sure the listeners have too.