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Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa 2 Energy Attunement

You have completed your work with Level One of the Christa Energy. Your individualized vortex of permanent protection is built throughout your entire energy system, at all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and vital force. Your energy channels have been expanded and strengthened. Your self-healing work is strongly underway. You may even sense yourself bumping up against the protective barrier that separates the first level of the energy from the second level. Now you are ready to take the next step: to be attuned to and begin working with the second level of the Christa Energy.

The second level of the Christa Energy is a powerful and transforming energy. By attuning to and working with Level Two of the Christa Energy you are making a significant commitment to personal transformation and to the advancement of your spiritual process. The following guide outlines what the second level of Christa Energy is and does. It discusses the larger purpose of the second level of the Christa Energy and how it fits into the bigger picture of the spiritual journey here on Earth. And it gives a preview of what happens during the actual attunement process and of the follow-up work required.

As you learned in preparation for your attunement to the first level of the Christa Energy, the intention of this evolved form of the Cosmic Christ Energy is to awaken, protect, heal, empower and manifest. Through the first level attunement you gained initial access to this Energy and were prepared to begin working with it for your awakening, protection and self-healing. You also learned that access to this powerful Energy is done in stages; thus the terminology “first level” and “second level.” Because Level Two of the Christa Energy is quite powerful, a protective barrier was put in place between the levels to prevent you from accessing that level of the energy before your system was strong and opened enough for you to be able to handle it. Now that your first level work is complete, you are ready to access Level Two of the Energy.

The specific intent of the first level was to build your protective vortex and jump-start your awakening and self-healing process. The second level of the Energy also comes with a specific intent. With the second level, your self-healing work continues, but now it has a more directed focus. This focus is on helping all your energy bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, both vital force and solid) shift and transform in ways that will enable you once again to manifest-to create intentionally-in full alignment with God’s Energy.

So what exactly does it mean to manifest, or create, in alignment with God’s Energy? To answer this question, you need to understand that we now exist in a form that is quite different from our original light bodies, which were perfectly attuned to and aligned with God’s frequency and enabled us to use God’s Energy and create with it through direct intention. In other words, our every need was taken care of simply by stating our intention. Our thoughts and desires easily manifested. And as beings created with total free will, we were given the freedom to experiment and create all kinds of experiences. Over the course of our experimenting, however, not all of our creations were “for the highest good of all concerned.”

As immature souls, we would often let our desires and curiosity get the better of us. Instead of first checking in with our High Self and Source beings (those with higher levels of consciousness, more experience and the capacity to see the full ripple effects of our actions), we would willfully go ahead and create as we pleased. Many of these creations were full of distortion and out of alignment with the Laws of Love and Divine Will. Often the pathways and experiences we created made it difficult for us to feel the fullness of God’s Energy. The original connection we felt with God was weakened and our own systems, our beautiful light bodies, began to deteriorate, become more and more truncated, more and more dense. In the process, our capacity to bring in and hold God’s Energy, or Light, was also greatly diminished. Our sense of reality and truth became muddied and confused and we began to feel lost and abandoned by God. We lost our ability to find or see our way Home, back to God, the Source of our being and of all Life.

When Jesus of Nazareth came to the Earth two thousand years ago, he brought with him a beacon of Light, pure Cosmic Christ Energy, to help humanity remember its true origins in God and to offer a clear pathway back Home. The Cosmic Christ Energy Jesus brought to Earth initiated a new awakening within humanity on Earth and a new phase in the expansion or evolution of our consciousness. That journey continues today. When I was gifted with the Christa Energy, I was told that it is an evolved form of Cosmic Christ Energy specifically intended to address the challenges and needs of life on Earth at this time. The Christa Energy was gifted to me in part because of my pleading to God for help in answering a basic question I had been struggling with. Let me explain.
One of the clear messages that Jesus conveyed during his lifetime was that we are all on this planet to be like him and to realize the same level of spiritual development as him. In other words, we are all meant to be “Christed” beings, to be God fully realized and incarnate in the human physical form. By his example Jesus reminded us of who we truly are and what we are fully capable of. In me, this message sparked the obvious question, Why are most of us unable to manifest and create as Jesus did-to feed the multitudes, heal the sick, change water into wine-and with the ease that he did?

Or, to put the question in terms closer to home, Why is meeting our basic survival needs such a great challenge for most of humanity on Earth?

  • Why is creating a fulfilling and enjoyable life so difficult?
  • Why are most of us cut off from or unaware of our spiritual nature?
    • Why is it so difficult to attain and/or maintain physical, emotional and mental health?

In my own journey, I have discovered that being able to create and manifest as a Christed being like Jesus involves a clearly and carefully outlined process.

  • We must awaken to our spiritual nature and remember that we truly are God-beings.
  • We must place ourselves permanently within God’s protection so that we can be completely safe while we are still vulnerable and in a weakened state.
  • Then comes the healing process at all the levels of our being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, down to the level of the core building blocks of our physical being, our DNA. Without the radical healing and transformation of our entire energy system, we will not be able to handle-and thus work with-the fullness and power of God’s Energy.
  • As our healing progresses, we move on to the next step, empowerment. This empowerment comes at two levels. The first level is simply the empowerment that comes with reclaiming our personal power and remembering where in Spirit we specifically came from and the unique purpose for which we were created. We also experience a second level of empowerment as we become able to bring in, hold and ground more and more of God’s Energy.
  • With the activation of our personal power and of God’s Energy working within us and through us, manifestation once again becomes effortless and congruent with God’s Will and the Laws of Love.

You already know that the first level of the Christa Energy establishes the foundation of this process: it awakens us, protects us and begins the healing process. The second level of the Christa Energy takes us the rest of the way, through to the point we are once again able to manifest in alignment with God and as we were originally intended to create.

The attunement to second level of the Christa Energy begins with the creation of an opening within the built-in protective barrier between the two levels of the Energy. With creation of this opening, you now have access to the second level. The energy channels that were initially opened during the Level One attunement are once again expanded and strengthened to accommodate the Level Two Energy.

Next, the circuitry of your chakras is then shifted to accommodate a new energy vehicle that you will also receive during the attunement. This critical step of shifting the chakras enables you to accept the new energy vehicle more easily; it is also necessary so that you can still exist and function while undergoing the transformational work that the Christa Energy does through this new vehicle.

The purpose of the new energy vehicle is to create a bridge between the current distorted energy systems that are unable to handle the fullness of God’s power and a new energy system that resonates with our original light bodies that is able to accommodate the full flow of God’s Energy and lay in the codes for building the new energy system. The gridwork of this new energy vehicle is laid within each level of your energy system: the spiritual, mental, emotional and vital force. (This work is done within the protective vortex that you built with the first level of the Energy.)

Once the grid work for the new energy vehicle is carefully laid in throughout the levels of your energy system, Archangel Michael brings a jewel to be placed on the seal at the third eye that was given to you during your Level One attunement. This jewel has encoded within it the vibrational frequencies and memory of your unique experience of emerging from Source. Focusing energy through this jewel will help you remember how to create with God’s Energy as a powerful God-being. In addition, the symbol for unlimited power and potential is placed within your Earth chakra during the re-circuiting of that chakra to “potentize” all of your physical manifestations.

After the attunement, you will work with the second level of the Energy for about three months to:

  • slowly strengthen your energy channels so that you can comfortably hold and utilize this powerful manifesting Energy; and
  • add energy to your new energy vehicle and build it fully throughout your entire energy system.

Once your new energy vehicle is strong and complete, you can work with the Christa Energy to continue and deepen your healing and transformational process. Specifically, the Christa Energy resonates the correct patterns within our circuitry to help our system expand and transform in the right way. It imprints our original codes into the DNA of the old system that help the bodies shift out of the old distorted ways of running our energy and at the same time feeds the new. Gradually, with time and persistent effort, the old begins to break down and the new slowly begins to be integrated in and takes over. This is when we start to see real empowerment and activation happen.

Because of the radical nature of this transformational process, working with the second level of the Christa Energy can be challenging at times. Accepting change can be a rough ride because we become attached to what is familiar. Yet, because the second level of the Christa Energy is also an activating energy, it is constantly urging us to let go of the old and out-moded. In additional to spiritual, mental and emotional resistance, you may also feel deep resistance in your physical body as it locks up in fear and fights for the survival of what is known and familiar. It can take some time to convince the physical body that the changes that are taking place are really for its highest good! The key to handling the resistance that will inevitably come up-at whatever level-is to remember that the Christa Energy is there for you as a supportive, reassuring and grounding energy. It meets you where you are at and works with you in your process in ways that are best for you.

Also, remember that one of the hallmarks of the Christa Energy is that it cannot be abused. In other words, it cannot be used nor does it support manifestations that are out of alignment with God’s Will and the Laws of Love. Likewise, as your undergo your transformational process and fully open to your True Self, know that it will become harder to create things in your life that are not for your highest good or that are incongruent with your life’s mission and purpose. In this way, the Christa Energy provides a powerful incentive for you to open up to who you truly are and what you are here on this planet to do.

Part of you may be wondering, Why go through all this effort? The answer is very basic. In order to be able to bring Light, God’s Energy, into the body, the body has to be able to receive it and hold it. Building the new energy vehicle placed within your system during the attunement and then continuing to work with Level Two of the Christa Energy, transforms the body-at all the levels-and enables us to bring more and more Light, more of God’s Energy, into our bodies. We become strong enough to hold that energy and ground it without burning out our energy systems. When we can hold God’s Energy and ground it, we can use it not only to further God’s purposes on this Earth plane, but also to manifest what is for our own highest good and to create that which makes our heart sing.

In addition, the process of shifting our energy system, down to the core physical level, is particularly critical because of the energy shift that the Earth itself is undergoing at this time. The Earth is currently in the process of shifting her vibrational frequency from the third dimension to the fifth. This shift signifies the Earth’s readiness to break free of the old, limiting and abusive patterns and experience a new level of conscious existence and a new level of awareness of God. Those of us who are here on the Earth at this time are also here to experience this same “expansion.” Many of us are here to assist in this transitional process. If you have been attracted to the Christa Energy, most likely you are one of these brave souls. But in order to be of assistance to the Earth, and to facilitate your own expansion, it is necessary for your energy system to shift as well.

You may be familiar with the term ascension. You may even think that this term refers to leaving planet Earth and ascending to some higher realm within the Universe. This is not so. While ascension does refer to the shift from the third dimension of reality to the fifth, this process is not one of leaving one place and going to another. Ascension is happening right here on Earth. If you are to be are part of the Earth’s ascension process, which is a physical reality, not just a spiritual one, then your physical vehicle needs to shift as well. If you do not shift your physical vehicle as the Earth makes its shift, you will not be able to be here physically. The Christa Energy, particularly the second level, enables you to stay and participate in, and assist with, the Earth’s ascension process.

By working with the second level of the Christa Energy, you are also enabling yourself to have access to the new higher vibrational energies that are now available and are helping to prepare the Earth in its shift. If we are to be able to work with these new energies, we too need to keep shifting in order to keep up with the rapid changes that are occurring in the Earth’s “body.” And at the same time, the Earth helps us back and supports us in this new way of being on the Earth, a way of being that is in alignment with the Source of All.

In Summary

Level Two of the Christa Energy literally builds the energy system that allows you to work with frequencies closer to God’s energy. It actually corrects and changes your energy patterns so you can access and resonate with God’s Energy and use it in alignment with Divine Will. The rebuilding process needs to be done carefully and gradually so that all the bodies can evolve and resonate with your original light body.

In the awakening and healing process, you each reach a point where you are ready to start shifting back to your original coding of who you were, as an individual soul, in the beginning when you first emerged from the Source of All. The coding is still within you, though buried deep, and carries within the knowledge and specific intent with which you were created for by God. The second level of the Christa Energy brings that coding back to life and guides the careful rebuilding of your energy system and the transformation of your energy bodies, thus restoring your capacity to be a Christed being.