Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa 1 Energy Attunement

The Christa Energy: An Introductory Guide
This guide lays out an introductory overview of the Christa (cree-sta) Energy – its appropriateness for our times, what the Energy is and what it does for us, and how we connect with it.

God’s Gift of Protection for This Time
Throughout the ages, God has provided humankind with resources for the spiritual journey appropriate to each time and place, and in accord with humanity’s spiritual, evolutionary progress. With the Christa Energy, God offers us a tremendously powerful gift especially intended to address the particular challenges facing the Earth and humanity today.

God has created a plan designed to free Earth and humanity from the grasp of darkness and to restore us to full alliance with Goodness and Light. This plan involves shifting the Earth and her inhabitants to a higher vibrational frequency, moving us out of the third dimensional existence that empowers the dark forces and into the fifth dimensional state of being, (also called the Ascension).

The Urgent Need for Protection

The dark forces of evil were first created by mankind to manipulate, to harm and to hoard energy and material resources. Very quickly, these dark forces took on “a life of their own”, and figured out ways to control their creators and ensure their own survival.
The dark forces hold a deep and pervasive grip upon the Earth and her inhabitants. And, this hold is actually hindering Earth’s ability to shift to the higher frequency of the fifth dimension. The strength of this grasp is exasperated by the unwitting cooperation of the majority of Earth’s people. So many of us are aiding the cause of darkness and we are not even aware of it.

In their efforts to secure their survival, the dark forces have devised many ways to control the people of Earth. Whether through the simple tools of emotions like fear and doubt, or through seduction and false promises, or by way of elaborate devices implanted into the energy bodies, the dark forces affect the life of nearly every soul that comes to Earth. And, the dark forces have a deeply vested interest in keeping humanity in a state of ignorance about their control. We cannot actively reject and remove that of which we are not consciously aware.

Even those who are consciously aware of the ways of the dark forces are not safe from their influence. As the strength of the dark forces’ base of power has increased over time, many of the historic means of protection-such as surrounding oneself with the White Light or using powerful mantras and prayers – are no longer able to provide lasting protection. As soon as our conscious attention is turned elsewhere – or turned off during sleep – we are vulnerable to the dark forces’ interference. Out of great concern and compassion for the dire situation facing Earth and all who dwell here, God has gifted us with the Christa Energy.

Christa is the Sanskrit word for Jesus; it also means Light, Christed Light. The Christa Energy is an evolved form of Cosmic Christ Energy, which God extends to all humanity as a bridge that reconnects us directly to our innate God-essence and allows us to fully express that essence in physical form.

The Christ Energy was first brought to Earth in a universally available form by Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was the first to make the Christ Energy available to all humanity. As the carrier of the Cosmic Christ Energy, Jesus planted a seed of remembrance in the human consciousness about our divine nature and higher purpose as children of God. This truth about ourselves had been suppressed or forgotten in our preoccupation and enchantment with the dark forces. Cosmic Christ Energy reconnects us to our High Self and brings us back into full alignment with God.

As an evolved form of Cosmic Christ Energy, the Christa Energy resonates at a higher, stronger, and more balanced frequency than the Energy Jesus first brought into human consciousness. The frequency of the Christa Energy – brought through by Adriene Wentworth, founder of Christa Resources – is specifically intended to assist the Earth and humankind in our evolutionary shift to the fifth dimension.

The story of humanity and the dark forces boils down to our giving up our personal power to the dark forces and losing our connection to (or faith in) God. It is now time to take back our power, to firmly reestablish our God-connection. Thus, God’s ultimate goal in gifting the Christa Energy to us at this time is to help us take back our personal power so that we live fully as the actualized beings God intended us to be and who, like Jesus before us, “manifest the glory of God within us.” [ Nelson Mandela, 1994 Inaugural Speech]

To claim back our power, we must first awaken to the reality of our having given it up over our many lifetimes on Earth. The very fact that you are seeking to be attuned to the Christa Energy indicates that you have, at some level of your consciousness, recognized this fact. Working with the Christa Energy “turns on the light” within us. As it starts to raise our vibration, our awareness of and desire for Truth grows. The Christa Energy helps us to wake up to our true spiritual nature and our soul’s purpose. It also helps us wake up everything that is stored within us; gifts and abilities that have been dormant and denied parts of self and old traumas that need to be healed.

The first order of business, once we have consciously decided to take back our power, is to shield ourselves against the forces of darkness that have a vested interested in keeping us out of our power. The Christa Energy does this by building a vortex of protection, a powerful energetic shield that originates from our High Self, runs throughout all our bodies and is grounded with the Earth. This vortex of protection permanently shields us from all outside negative energies so that, once the protection is fully established, we cannot be interfered with at any level. In fact, the Christa Energy is the only energy on the planet, at this time, powerful enough to protect against the antichrist energy of the dark forces.

The Christa Energy protects you from taking on other peoples negative energies as well, and keeps you safe from unwanted energetic cordings that allow energy to be taken from you. Many therapists, doctors, nurses, teachers and others who work with people on a daily basis have found that the Christa Energy helps them stay clear and well.

Working with the Christa Energy creates permanent strength in your energy system. It’s like putting a think rubber coating around each of your energy channels. (You have over 72,000 known energy channels in your energy system). Not only does this create a strong protection but it gives you the strength to be able to bring in, hold, and work with all powerful spiritual/healing frequencies. This is a great benefit for those who do spiritual work. It prevents “energy burnout” and damage to your energy system, yet allowing you to keep shifting your system to a higher frequency while working with powerful energies for healing, spiritual development and manifesting.

The strength we build with the Christa Energy allows the sensitive spiritual seeker to be able to live in the world, and withstand all of the overwhelming and chaotic energies, staying balanced and healthy

While building our vortex of protection, we also work with the Christa Energy on self-healing. Not only do we need to protect ourselves from outside negative forces, we need to clear out all the energies in or attached to our bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical) that are not in alignment with our divine nature. The negative energies we carry within not only distort us and keep us out of our power, they also act as magnets, attracting outside negative forces, thus perpetuating the cycle.

The high vibration of the Christa Energy literally shakes loose all of these internal negative energies and brings them to the surface for release, either on our own or with the assistance of a healer. And, because the Christa Energy is such a powerful, “no-nonsense” energy, working with it actually speeds up the self-healing process, allowing us to progress at a much faster and easier pace than without the Energy.

Once our protection is fully in place and we have made significant progress in our self-healing, we are in a much more effective place to help others and to assist Mother Earth. This is because we are then able to “carry” the Christa Energy, to ground it into the Earth and to serve as “conduits” for the Energy, thereby making it available to all people.

Spontaneous Transmissions for awakening and protecting the souls of others: As conduits of the Christa Energy, we spontaneously emit the Energy from our heart chakra and thereby make it available to all who are receptive to it, even without their conscious awareness. (The Energy honors personal free will and will not intrude on anyone who is not open to receiving it.)

Those who open their hearts to the Christa Energy in this way will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and feel the awakening power of the Energy. The Energy will also go in and wrap around their soul, protecting it and nurturing their desire to pursue their own self-healing and to embrace their true divine nature. However, those who receive the energy through a spontaneous transmission will not have the protective vortex or be a carrier of the Christa Energy, the attunement process is necessary for that.

The protection provided by the Christa Energy is especially helpful for people who are involved in different kinds of healing work. Often healers pick up illness and negative energy from their clients and transfer it to themselves. Although the healer may hold the intent to stay clear of a client’s negative energy, often this is not strong enough protection. Without full protection healers may find themselves in constant need of healing, or decide that healing work is too dangerous of an occupation and give it up. If they do not seek to clear any negative energies they have taken on from clients, they may develop a serious illness themselves.

The Christa Energy’s vortex of protection eliminates a healer’s vulnerability to their clients’ negative energies. Once the protection is in place, the only way they can take on other people’s negative energy is if they choose to do so of their own free will.

Consciously agreeing to carry the Christa Energy is a great service to humanity. It also serves the well-being of Mother Earth because her fate is intimately linked to our own. As long as the dark forces are allowed to have a firm grip on humanity, the Earth is unable to complete the shift to the fifth dimension. Conversely, as more and more people begin to wake up spiritually and choose to reconnect with God, the Earth benefits.

The Earth especially benefits from the Christa Energy because, in order for us to carry the Christa Energy in our physical being, we need to ground it deep into the core of the Earth. Grounding the Energy into Mother Earth enables her to experience the healing and protective power of the Energy. It also increases the Christa Energy’s presence, influence and effectiveness on the earthly plane of existence. As the Earth and more of her inhabitants come under the protection of the Christa Energy, the hold of the dark forces will be significantly weakened and the shift to the fifth dimension will be possible for all who are under that protection.

The firm, strong presence of the Christa Energy on Earth is especially critical as the shift to the fifth dimension becomes more eminent. A great deal of upheaval will accompany this progress and the protective, balancing nature of the Christa Energy will help us stay calm in the midst of the chaos. It will be especially helpful in balancing us emotionally, enabling us to ward off our fears and remain firm in our connection with God.

Doing our self-healing work and building a strong vortex of Christa protection also establishes a firm foundation for working with the creative, manifesting power of the Christa Energy.

Everything is first created at the energetic level; a thought or mental picture always precedes a physical manifestation. When we awaken to our God-essence, we realize that God truly wants us to have or create whatever it is we need to fulfill our life purpose, to experience happiness and personal growth and to be of service to others. But transforming such thoughts and images into physical reality can be difficult, if not impossible, when our intentions are being interfered with from both within our selves and from outside negative forces.

The self-healing work we do with the Christa Energy helps to clear out the internal interference. The protective vortex of Christa Energy shields us from the outside forces trying to prevent the manifestation of our good. Together, these aspects of the Christa Energy help to bring us to a place of greater clarity about what is really important to us and deepens our knowing of what we truly need for our growth and to find fulfillment. And, because the Christa Energy is encoded to work only in accord with our God-essence, its creative power cannot be used for selfish or harmful purposes. If our manifesting intentions come from a place of Love, the Christa Energy will help our souls’ desires become a reality.

Each level of the Christa Energy has a specific intention or purpose. Level one of the Christa Energy focuses on building our vortex of protection and on our self-healing work. This gets us ready to open to the second level of the Energy. Our focus in level two is building our capacity to tap into the creative power of the Christa Energy and to consciously manifest in alignment with our High Selves and God.

If you are not able to be physically present, you can be attuned to the Christa Energy from a distance. Your attunement and instructions on how to work with the Christa Energy are recorded and sent to you.

Because the Christa Energy has such a high frequency, it is made available to us in two stages or levels, each of which we work up to over a period of time. When one level is fully reached, we are ready to move on to the next.  Click here to read more about the Christa Energy Attunement benefits.

To understand the why behind this graduated process, let’s use an analogy. Think of the Christa Energy as electricity, the Earth as a house, and our physical bodies as the electrical cable that carries the Energy into the house so that it can be plugged into and used. The carrier wire needs to be heavy enough to handle the amount of energy that will pass through it. If the wire is too light, overload happens and the wire is quickly “burned up”.

Where this analogy breaks down is that, unlike electricity, the Christa Energy actually helps to build the proper weight of “wiring” needed to carry it. The initial wiring for each level of the Christa Energy is laid during an attunement ritual. (Attunements will be described more fully in the next section.) This creates a pathway for the Energy to start flowing through us and to the Earth. We gradually build up our wiring by working with the Energy on a daily basis. After a period of about sixty to ninety days, our “wiring” is able to carry the full load of the Energy at that level and we are able to fully use its power.

We receive the first two levels of the Christa Energy by way of an attunement, a ritualized process especially designed for “passing on the power” of the Energy. Though the actual procedures of the ritual are specific to each level of the Christa Energy, the purpose is the same: to establish a connection between our spiritual self and that level of the Energy so that we can work with it on our own. The person who is giving the attunement establishes our initial connection with the Energy for us. Then, because we know what the Christa Energy feels like and have been opened to it, we are able to connect with it on our own.

But, the passing ritual is just the beginning of our attunement process. Remember the electricity analogy: we need to build-up our ability to fully carry the Energy within our physical body. And so, we actually complete our attunement to each level of the Christa Energy through our daily work with it over the sixty to ninety day period.