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Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Becoming a Christed Being Attunement

It is time for us to evolve to a state of spiritual development where we become Christed Beings of Light to assist all of mankind, all of God’s creations and the Earth.

This attunement will fine tune your energy system so you become a fully aligned and connected vehicle that can carry the Light and Power needed to demonstrate mastery in our world. During this attunement you will be guided to the Dimension of Christed Beings and introduced to the Masters who will watch over your progress and help you prepare to “serve” at a greater level. You will receive empowered sacred sounds to call forth a specific healing energy to purify all parts of self and help you align your ego and will with Greater Will. Secret and sacred chambers in the chakras will be activated to unlock your God-given abilities as you become ready to take on greater purpose. You will be given a practice to continue this process of purifying, activating, aligning and empowering to enable you to become an instrument for God to work through.

The Christed Being Practice is an advanced spiritual practice given to me a number of years ago as part of my own spiritual development process. And, after several years of teaching this practice to others in a seminar setting, I am pleased to be able to offer it now as an attunement and thus make it available to all those sincerely seeking to undergo the transformation process of becoming a Christed Being.

Many of you reading this may already be familiar with the other spiritual energy attunements that I have developed, specifically the attunements to the first and second levels of the Christa Energy and the attunement to the AnaMata Energy. The attunement to the Christed Being Practice differs from these other attunements in that those attunements connect you to and teach you how to work with a specific spiritual energy, namely the Christa Energy or the AnaMata Energy.

What the attunement to the Christed Being Practice does instead is help you to reach and connect with a specific spiritual dimension and the group of beings who dwell there, namely the Christed Beings, who are souls who have attained full Christ Consciousness and who live and serve from that level of Consciousness. And, with the help of these beings and the practice that you are prepared for and taught as part of your attunement, you are literally initiated into this vast group of Christed Beings, meaning you are accepted as one of them. In affect, with this attunement, you literally become a “novice” Christed Being, a Christed Being in formation.

If you find yourself attracted to the Christed Being attunement and practice, more than likely, you have been working on raising your consciousness to the Christ Level for many lifetimes. And, because now is the lifetime for many to come into their full power, additional help is being offered by those in Spirit to support that process. Full power means full alignment with Source Energy; it means achieving a level of spiritual mastery so that one is able to demonstrate God’s Will for the benefit of all humanity, all creation.

Obviously, one of the first steps on this path to spiritual mastery and full empowerment, is to learn how to correctly connect to the Source of All so that one has a clear understanding of what God’s Will is. Another piece of this process is the soul’s awakening, which is happening for many now as well. In fact, many refer to our current Age as a time of the Great Awakening. And when the soul awakens, questions like, “What is my piece? What am I here to do? How am I to serve?” come to the forefront of one’s consciousness.

When this happens, when you start to ask “How am I to serve?” that’s a good indication that you are on the Christed Path because being a Christed Being is all about Service, Love and Compassion – doing what you can, with your particular gifts and abilities, to lift the whole of humanity to higher levels of consciousness. To serve from a place of Love and Compassion requires fully opening the Heart; it requires serving from the Heart.

We now live in an Age where the whole of humanity on our planet is being pushed to move into the heart center and to live from that level. This means letting the heart govern our lives and our thoughts and our actions. In other words, every single human being on the Earth at this time is being nudged by Universal forces to evolve from a place of working their energies – living their lives and basing their actions, thoughts, etc. – from their lower chakras to working their energy from the level of the heart.

Up until now, most of us have lived and operated out of our lower chakras – the first chakra, which is all about survival; the second chakra, which is typically dominated by sexuality and reproduction; and the third chakra, which is about power; using our power to get what the small self wants. Living from the lower chakras is all about focusing on the small self, the ego part of us that either doesn’t realize yet or just does not want to recognize that each one of us has a higher calling, a higher purpose.

When our consciousness starts to evolve, however, and move up to the level of the heart center, we begin to move beyond the confines of the small self and start to open to our True Self, the Self that fully recognizes that we are of God, the we are One with All and that we each have a vital and unique contribution to make for the well-being of All.

And so, living from Heart means learning how to base one’s life, one’s thoughts, one’s actions on the principles of service, love and compassion. Crucial to learning to live from the Heart is practicing forgiveness; forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others, even forgiveness toward the world. This means releasing the hurts, the grudges, the judgments we carry because these are exactly the kinds of things that keep our hearts closed.
Anchoring our life, our energy in our Heart also means moving beyond, or rising above, our fears, which also keep our hearts closed. Christed Beings are fearless. They see or feel a need and they respond. And because they are fully aligned with God’s Energy and God’s Will, they respond accordingly from this higher level of awareness of what is most needed, of what will do the greatest good.

In the Introduction to the Christa Energy, a handout given to anyone who seeks to be attuned to Level One of the Christa Energy, I talk about how Jesus of Nazareth was the first being on our planet to bring through Christ Consciousness in a way that made it universally accessible to all humanity on our planet. Now, 2000 and some years later, we are all being urged to move to that level where we can all become Christ-like, Christed Beings who are empowered to demonstrate God’s Will on Earth from a place of Love and Compassion.

At a recent Spirit Speaks event – events where I channel great Beings of Light such as Archangel Michael, Ashtar, Mother Mary and others – Sananda, the High Self aspect of Jesus of Nazareth, spoke of this growing Christ Consciousness in our world:

I have so much Joy in my Heart as I see the Christ Light within each one of you growing stronger. It is as if, through me, I have given birth to many! And this pleases me. . . . I am so happy to see you coming forward and I ask you to continue. For I was a way shower. I brought Light and frequency to help with change. And now the Lights that are growing within so many will make a greater difference than anything that I achieved.

And so, I offer the Christed Being Practice as a way to help all those drawn to it to grow the Christ Light within them and continue the Enlightening of our planet that our brother Jesus, now known as Sananda, started so many years ago.

The Christed Being Practice given to me and that I am empowered to pass on to you through the attunement process is itself a reflection of the service orientation of the Christed Beings. During the attunement process, you are guided to the Dimension of the Christed Beings and introduced to the guardian of this dimension. Your energy system is then scanned to see what kind of help you are going to need as you embark on this leg of the process of your becoming a Christed Being.

Remember, if you’re attracted to this practice, you’ve more than likely been working on this process for many lifetimes. The whole purpose of the Christed Being Practice is to receive the help from the dimension where the Christed Being energy literally dwells so that you can successfully complete your evolutionary process of 1) raising your full consciousness to the Christed Being level and 2) transforming your energy vehicles so that you can carry the Light and the Power needed to demonstrate God’s will in our world.

When you are scanned, know that it is done with complete compassion and love, free of any kind of judgement. The many beautiful beings who dwell in this dimension are ready to support you and help you in any way that is needed. In fact, you will be assigned a specific guide from this dimension, a real “person” who has struggled and overcome many of the same things that you struggle with. This guide will watch over your progress and bring to you the help you need to heal and to grow and to prepare your spirit, your mind, your emotions and your physical body to be able to serve at a higher level.

During the remainder of the attunement for the Christed Being Practice, which closely mirrors the practice itself, your energy system is prepared so that you can work with the practice on your own.

First the Christed Being Masters who assist with the attunement bring forward a beautiful purifying energy that is washed through your entire energy system, all the way into your Earth chakra. And you are taught the sacred sounds that call forth this purifying energy from the dimension of the Christed Beings. Over the next weeks, months and years of working with the Christed Being Practice you may call on this beautiful, purifying energy as much as you want or feel guided to do.

Next, your shushumna channel, your main spiritual energy channel is expanded so that you access greater levels of your consciousness and can receive the spiritual healing, purifying and empowering energies of this dimension. This expansion of the shushumna includes those parts of this channel that go into the third eye chakra, the Mouth of God area at the center back of the skull along the occipital ridges, and at a place called the Christ Point, which lies midway between the forehead and the back of the head.

Next, the orange light of mastery is also brought into the shushumna, new pathways are opened and an imprint is laid in to reinforce the expansion that is necessary to be able to bring in powerful God frequencies and use them to manifest in the physical realm. You are also taught the sacred sounds specifically used for working with the shushumna channel during the practice. Working with these sacred sounds and the orange light will help you to continue to expand the pathways and connect them to greater parts of your spiritual body.

Then empowerments are placed within the seat of your chakras, with each chakra receiving its own specific empowered seed sound. Each of these empowerments calls forth a specific healing energy that unlocks sacred chambers in each of the chakras. This allows the spiritual powers needed to become a Christed Being to come forth so that you can activate your God-given abilities as you become ready to take on greater purpose.

Next, the power point 2 inches below your navel, which is a meeting point between the second and third chakras, is activated. You are then taught the sacred sounds that activate this power point and that call forth God’s Energy to help you overcome all obstacles to success in becoming a Christed Being and to align your will with Higher Will.

The attunement concludes
 with a direct transmission of spiritual energy from the dimension of the Christed Beings that is brought down and through your entire energy system. You are invited to ask for help as this time with whatever it is that you are struggling with and to allow these great Beings of Light to flood your system with Love, Compassion, Support and the Power to move through all obstacles on your path.

The Christed Being Practice is an advanced spiritual practice. This means, in part, that it is both powerful and, at times, challenging. The whole, complete practice is also fairly involved with a number of different parts, each of which can be done independently. In other words, you do not need to do the whole complete practice every time you sit down to work with it. It’s okay – and even beneficial – to work with it in parts.

During my first several years of working with the Christed Being Practice, I often wouldn’t get passed the first part that involves bringing in the purifying energy, it would feel so good. At other times, I would get to the part where I was working with the sacred empowerments for each chakra and not be able to get past the third eye chakra. Sometimes I simply would run out of time. So again, it’s okay to do the practice in parts. First learn what those parts are, which the guided meditation for this practice will teach you. Then, work with your Guide and intuit what you need to do with it on a daily basis. Some days you will be able to do the whole practice, other days it will be appropriate to focus your work on a specific part or parts of the practice.

For those of you who have not yet received the attunements to levels one and two of the Christa Energy, know that your success with the Christed Being Practice will be enhanced and greatly support the groundwork that is laid by working first with the Level One Christa Energy and then second with Level Two of the Christa Energy. In addition, both the AnaMata Energy Attunement™ and the Yantra Manifesting Course also provide vital pieces to the whole process of 1) raising your consciousness to the level of Christ Consciousness and 2) doing the needed transformation of your energy bodies so that you can demonstrate spiritual mastery in our physical world.

In other words, while none of these other attunements nor the Yantra Manifesting course are required prerequisites for being empowered to work with the Christed Being Practice, each of these pieces will greatly enhance the progress you are able to make from this practice and so you are encouraged to “catch up” with any of the pieces that you are missing.

If you are new to the spiritual practices and tools that I have developed under the guidance of Spirit over my 25 plus years as a spiritual healer and teacher, know too that underpinning and supporting all the pieces of this Christed Being Path is the Christa Healing Method®.

Spiritual development happens most effectively when aided by regular healing work, healing work that is able to bring forth and effectively release any and all blocks that can hinder the spiritual development process. This is the specialty of the Christa Healing Method®.