Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Mantras & Sacred Sounds

Mantras are pure vibrational sounds of God which can be empowered to bear fruit for all who repeat them with sincerity of heart and pure intent. Each sacred mantra has a seer who has heard the word of God. A mantra also has a meter which is in consonance with the creation of the Universe. Hidden within that mantra is the presiding deity over that vibration. Deities are different vibrational aspects of God. Mantras are incantations which, when uttered with correct intonation, yield results through the forces of Nature, deities or angels whom one appeases and whose mantra one chants. The main part of a mantra is the shakti or the power which reveals itself to the devotee who invokes that mantra. The mantras on Water in the Eyes of Time are empowered mantras which are like living seeds that will assist you with your healing and protection. These mantras are holding the energy of all the great beings of Light who have experienced the superconscious states that the vibrations of the mantras represent.

Most people only think of using mantras in meditation to achieve high spiritual states, yet, I have found that each mantra has hidden within different levels of power and intent. During my own spiritual journey, I became aware of the need to clear and release energies that block and interfere with the healing and spiritual growth process. I developed a very unique and powerful healing method which clears the energy bodies from known and unknown influences, that I call the “Christa Healing.” I have also brought through a new energy, the “Christa Energy” which is Cosmic Christ Energy in a vibration with specific intent to awaken, protect, self-heal and manifest on the physical plane. Mantras are a powerful force that I use daily in my healing practice. Their vibrations are protective for both the healer and the client. Mantras can effectively release attached entities, ghosts and dark force energies which are preying on everyone on the Earth plane at this time.

As the Earth and its inhabitants move through the transition out of 3rd dimensional energy toward the 5th dimensional energy, the astral planes of the 4th dimension have become very loose and many beings from this plane are infiltrating both the aware and the unaware. If you are working on your spiritual growth process and increasing your light, you will draw many of these beings to you because your light will be seen and many will come for help and others will come to interfere.

It is very important for everyone to know how to keep themselves, their children and loved ones clear and protected. It is for this reason that my spiritual guidance urged me to create Water in the Eyes of Time. I kept telling them “I don’t sing!” but they insisted that the empowerment that comes through the vibration of my voice is the most important element. When you play my recording, it will cleanse your energy bodies and your external environment of negative energies and establish strong fields of protection. Children especially enjoy listening to my CD or tape as they go to sleep and many parents have shared with me that their children are sleeping more peacefully and are having fewer nightmares and bad dreams.

To empower mantras to release negative energies and create protective fields, they need to be repeated many times which can become monotonous and that is why I chose intricate music to accompany them to hold the interest of the listener. Also, because the mantras have melodies, they are very easy to learn so you may use them in your meditation or daily life situations. Once you begin working with the mantras by singing or repeating them, you will find that they spontaneously come into your mind at times when you need their vibration.

Water in the Eyes of Time is a recording of nine empowered mantras woven with rhythmic, upbeat music. Created by a spiritual healer, teacher and spokesperson for the Spiritual Hierarchy that is guiding humanity and the Earth through this period of change and evolution, who has been active in the fields of holistic health, healing and spirituality for the past 15 years. The author began their professional career as a yoga and meditation instructor and alternative health care consultant, and has traveled to India three times to study with Himalayan Masters who imparted to me sacred knowledge on the science of mantra.

The mantras on Water in the Eyes of Time have been placed in a specific order to accomplish its goals. I began with the mantra to Panduranga, Om Namo, Bhagavate, Pandurangaya, to bring in a lot of white light for protection and to begin breaking up and dissolving negative energies. Panduranga is Heavenly Father and the aspect of God that relieves the agony of the soul and illuminates the mind from all darkness. The second selection is to Hanuman, Om Ham Hanumatae, Rudratmakaya Hum Phat, Swaha. Hanuman is the perfect servant of the Lord and will remove astral entities and negative energies. He is very devoted to the protection of children and will respond quickly when called.

Next I invoke the help and protection of Durga, Om Dum Durgayae, Namaha. Durga is a very powerful warrior aspect of Divine Mother. Durga protects the universe and imparts knowledge, creative power and will power. Repeating the Durga mantra will strengthen your personal power and help you endure difficult situations.

The fourth selection invokes the help of Shiva, Om Namo Veerabhadraya, Rudra Bhairavaya, Hum Phat, Swaha. Lord Shiva destroys and dissolves the cosmos as part of the evolutionary drama. To the spiritual aspirant, He destroys the ego and awakens divine knowledge. Veerabhadraya and Bhairavaya are the two most ferocious aspects of Shiva. Invoke them with this mantra when very powerful negative forces are working against you or your loved ones. These first four mantras will effectively release and clear negative energies.

The fifth mantra is to Rama, Om Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya Jaya Rama, which is used to balance your energy fields after the releasing. Sri Rama is the aspect of God that is the giver of all wealth and happiness and destroyer of all afflictions and dangers. This mantra will help you overcome anger and lust and establish a peaceful vibration within yourself and your environment.

The sixth selection is to Ganesha, Om Gam Ganapataye, Namaha, which is the aspect of God that removes all obstacles on your path. He is the bestower of blessings and ‘siddhis,’ which are spiritual powers, but also the bestower of “buddhi,” the light of intelligence, to guide you in the right use of power.

The seventh selection is to Krishna, Om Kleem Krishnayae, Namaha. Krishna means “Attractor of all Hearts.” When this mantra is repeated with sincere devotion, it will help you to open your heart and experience Divine Love and Union and heal emotional wounds. The next selection is to Lakshmi, Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyae, Namaha. Lakshmi means “pure consciousness of God.” She is also the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. In this mantra She is invoked as “Maha-Lakshmi,” the great Mother of the Universe for good life here and hereafter.

The last mantra is the greatest of all mantras, the Gayatri, Om Bur Bhuva Svaha, Om Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat. Gayatri is the “Wisdom of God” and brings illumination. Gayatri is chanted for the attainment of Universal Consciousness and for the awakening of intuitive powers. This mantra is the key to opening the door to Cosmic Consciousness.

When listened to or repeated, mantras will remove mental agitation and restore emotional balance very quickly. When you are feeling out of sorts in any way, if you take the time to repeat mantras, they will elevate your mood and raise your vibration. You will lift yourself out of the loneliness, sadness, anger, despair, fear or whatever you are experiencing.

Many people find it useful to play Water in the Eyes of Time while they are driving in their car to reduce stress after a hard day. Some people use the relaxing effect of the music with the mantras to clear away their mind clutter and help them stay focused and concentrated to achieve their goals whether that be a high spiritual state in meditation or a dynamic presentation in the work place. The wonderful thing about mantras is that no matter what I tell you they are good for, you can work intuitively with them and find other uses. I hope you enjoy Water in the Eyes of Time and find it useful in making your world a safer, more harmonious environment.