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With host Linda Mackenzie

Linda Mackenzie — Let’s get right to our guest, and today we have Adriene Wentworth. We’ll be talking about Relationship Energy. Good morning Adriene.

Adriene Wentworth — Good morning, Linda.

Linda Mackenzie — Adriene you are a healer and teacher and have such an interesting background, tell us about it and how it lead you to become a healer?

Adriene Wentworth — I began with my own search for health and wellness, as many of us do. The first thing I was drawn to was yoga and meditation. After about six months I was so impressed with what it did for me, as far as calming my mind and starting to get me in touch with what was going on in my own body and mind, that I began to train to teach. I thought that was it. I thought that was what I would be doing with the rest of my life. I was so enthralled. But then I wanted to find out more. Once I learned what can be done with my own physical vehicle, I became interested in many different types of body work. I was discovering that we hold different patterns and energies in our body and that they could be worked out and manipulated in different ways. So I studied many different types of body work, and threw myself into that. I taught yoga and meditation and also did body work.

Then I became seriously ill with something that is very similar to rheumatoid arthritis. This illness came out of the blue and truly made me reach for what really causes dis-ease in our body. I studied all different kinds of energy work trying to figure out why this was happening to me when I had been working with my lifestyle and my environment. And I learned that by doing that I reached some of the deeper things that were set there.
So I was doing a lot of work with a lot of different people and using all the tools that I knew with nutrition and bringing in energy for myself, and doing the other methods that I learned. But it wasn’t’ until I actually unblocked my own abilities that I started to make some real leaps. And with everything I learn, I always feel a responsibility to give it out to others. And you never quit learning.

Finally I had to make a choice. I couldn’t teach yoga and meditation, do body work and healings and counseling. So finally I had to pinpoint what work to focus on. Healing and spiritual development have been the mainstay of what I’m to share with others. As I learn, I teach what I learn, and I practice and help others to find easier paths than the ones I’ve taken, which is what all teachers are supposed to do! So that’s kind of where I started, in a nutshell.

Linda Mackenzie
 — Adriene, you work with a lot of people who have relationship problems. What kinds of problems do people come to you with?
Adriene Wentworth — Generally people come to me when they are stuck and don’t know how to make a change. Finally the pain becomes so great, whether it’s a mental pain or emotional pain, like depression, or they are so far into their lack of self-esteem because of the abuse issues that are coming up within them, and they don’t know how to free themselves. That’s one of the reasons why people come. Or it can be manifesting already as a physical illness, and I have to go back and help them find the cause, where it is coming from.

When people are feeling unhappy in their relationships, one of the easiest things to do is to clear them of all past connections with the person. So many people draw in partners that they knew in other lifetimes where they developed very strong patterns of hoe to be together. When we clear out the other person’s energy and remove all the old impressions, it gives the person choice now to see what really is there for them in this relationship today.

Linda Mackenzie — Can you explain how energy can affect relationships?

Adriene Wentworth — It affects relationships because one thing that people do, that is a habit, is as soon as they meet somebody or re-meet somebody, they form an energy cording with that person. What happens is that energy can then be given to you, through that cording, to influence you with impulses like, “I want you to be this way. You’re mine. I expect you to behave this way.” It can reach around and find all your old patterns. And through these cordings energy can also be taken from you. There are many people who feel drained in their relationships. They know that the person drains them, but they don’t know how to get away from it. It’s something that is an actual physical manifestation of vibration, what vibration does when it comes together. I found that you have to work at healing within the energy bodies, not just with the mental/mind part or it won’t totally free up.

Linda Mackenzie — People have relationships for many different reasons, not all of them the right ones. How does approaching a relationship from the wrong reasons affect the energy and subsequently the relationships?

Adriene Wentworth — All relationships are learning experiences. Like attracts like, everybody knows that Universal Truth. So what you send out returns to you. If you send out, “I am needy.” You are going to find someone who is going to support your pattern rather than help you grow. And so people really have to start looking at themselves and where they are coming from. I always tell people to be more of a witness.

Linda Mackenzie — What are some of the energy blocks that can affect relationships?

Adriene Wentworth — As I mentioned before the cordings definitely affect relationships. Imprinting from parents is another factor. So much of what we learn is not just picked up from the environment, there’s an actual imprinting from our parents in our energy systems. And even though our every intent is not to carry on the same patterns as our parents or siblings, because of these imprints we have that tendency and influence. That’s one block that’s always very powerful, even at the genetic level. I find you can work with genetic illness by working with the imprinting from that line of the family.

Linda Mackenzie
 — Could you explain to us in more detail what these cordings are about?

Adriene Wentworth — Cordings are like energy lines that two people form between their energy systems when they have an attachment to each other. One of the quickest ways to form cordings is through sex. Often another relationship pattern that affects people is to draw someone to them from their sexual center rather than from their heart. And then finding out that for so long it’s been used to have power over others. It’s not that sex is bad, but I help people learn to come from the heart and draw someone to them from there, and then they can see if there’s a sexual attraction or somewhere to go with that. So many people get right into a sexual relationship and their energies get all mingled up together. Then it gets very difficult to separate or to see clearly if this relationship is healthy or not.

Linda Mackenzie 
— We are here with Adriene Wentworth, a wonderful healer and teacher, talking about Relationship Energy. Adriene, we talked about energy blocks and how they can cause interference in relationships. What can someone do to clear up these blocks?

Adriene Wentworth — One easy thing they can do is start working with mantras. Mantras are empowered vibrational sounds of God. This is why I’ve done the CD called Water in the Eyes of Time, because I’ve empowered these particular mantras so that they will help clear your energy fields. They also help you align with God and the higher energies who you can then call on for help. I’ve developed these mantras in my work. I’ve taken all my Yogic knowledge and seen what these mantras can do, and then I looked at what else these mantras can do when it comes to healing. So they’ve become very powerful. That’s one easy thing that people can do to start building awareness, clearing themselves and also protecting themselves.

Linda Mackenzie
 — Can you give examples of people you have worked on and helped?

Adriene Wentworth
 — First of all people who feel trapped in relationships, I help them a lot, where the next day they see clearly and marvel that they didn’t see this before. I help them get in their personal power and find their own way, at their own pace, out of that relationship and onto something better, learning their lessons and feeling good about themselves.

But also I’ve had great success with people who have chronic illnesses, like arthritis and things that have been festering in the system for a really long time. People are not in touch with why it started, there’s so much to it. Anytime you remove the imbalance, the body is going to balance itself. It has that ability to self heal. So I help them to find their balance again. I’ve helped people with speech impediments like stuttering. There is no limit to what can be done. I have real strong faith and belief that anything is possible. So I take on anything that comes my way and give it my best shot, knowing that, if God so deems it, we’ll find a way.

It’s not about having people just run to a healer to take care of them. I teach people how to do it for themselves. In 1998 I’ll be traveling extensively, teaching seminars and showing people how to clear themselves and how to strengthen their connection to God and develop their intuition, to help them along.

Linda Mackenzie — Where can people contact you for your schedule and information about seminars, your CD Water in the Eyes of Time, and your book Divine Intervention?

Adriene Wentworth — You can call Christa Resources at 719-487-8095 for a catalog. Or you can visit our Website at http:/

Linda Mackenzie — Thank you Adriene for being on the show. It was a pleasure having you on.

Adriene Wentworth — It was great talking with you Linda.