Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

Christa Resources

Providing Support for your Spiritual, Healing, and Personal Growth Process

About Christa Resources

The Connected, Protected, and Empowered Path

At Christa Resources, we believe that our birthright as spiritual beings is to be fully empowered expressions of God’s Light within our daily lives as human beings, walking free upon the Earth. Life is intended to be joyous and flowing with abundance. Knowing our life’s purpose is intended to be as obvious to each of us as our name and address. Fulfilling that life’s purpose is intended to be an adventure that we readily welcome. And then, when our life on Earth is complete, our soul is meant to make the journey back to its Source, back to God.

The stronger we are connected to Spirit-to the Source of All-the more empowered we are to create a fulfilling life that brings us joy and happiness and contributes to the Highest Good that God intends for all Creation. To get to this empowered, creative place, we need to heal all those parts of self that are not aligned with God’s Energy, our Soul’s purpose and the Greater Good. And, we need to do this healing and growth from a place of true energetic safety, free from the interference of outside forces that work to keep us out of our full power as God-beings.

True healing promotes empowerment. To be empowered is to be infused with power, the ability to have an effect on something or someone, the capacity to act or express oneself in a certain way. Having power is synonymous with having energy. As spiritual beings, we were created to be fully empowered with God’s Energy, the only true Source of Power. We were created with energy structures that are intended to connect us with and enable us to utilize that God-Source Energy to manifest and experience in our physical lives. Attending to the state of our energy system, by building a strong connection with Spirit through Connected Meditation and our healing work is what insures and advances our level of empowerment.

The Connected, Protected and Empowered Path summarizes the core work of Christa Resources.

The Path can be outlined as follows:


We help you Connect to Spirit and awaken your awareness of your true nature as a spiritual being. 

  • Learn about your energy system and structures
  • Learn how to do Connected Meditations
  • Learn how to work with Empowered Mantras and other Sacred Sounds of God.


We help you understand the need for strong, Permanent Protection for your energy bodies and for your Soul’s connection to Spirit;
    and we offer the most powerful and effective tool on the Planet for building permanent energy protection: The Christa Energy.

  • Be attuned to Level One of the Christa Energy and build permanent protection throughout your energy bodies.
  • Discover the protective energy of the empowered mantras on the CD, Water Through the Eyes of Time.


We help facilitate your Healing and Empowerment processes, both of which are key steps in becoming fully connected with Spirit.

  • One-on-One Christa Healing Sessions” 
  • Energy Attunements to high vibrational, spiritual energies specifically intended to promote healing and empowerment: These Attunements are only available through Christa Resources or one of our trained Associates.

          –  The Christa Energy Level One (for awakening, protection, and healing)
          –  The Christa Energy Level Two (for advanced healing and manifesting)
          –  The AnaMata Energy: (divine feminine energy for healing, empowerment and God Union)


 Ultimately, we help you create a solid foundation for manifesting from the true Source of your creative power.

  • Level Two of the Christa Energy
  • Spiritual Development Classes
  • The Spirit Speaks Series: Channeled Messages of encouragement and hope that progressively reveal God’s plan for us and the Earth.
  • The Yantra Manifesting Course – The Keys to Mastery

Christa Healer Biographies:

Adriene Wentworth

Adriene Wentworth

Adriene Wentworth, founder of Christa Resources, has devoted her life to uncovering the root causes of why most of us do not experience life on Earth as our Maker intends for us.

Keith Winter

Keith Winter

I began my serious spiritual quest while attending school in Daytona Beach Florida in 1980. While browsing through a flea market looking for something to read I picked up a book on Yoga.

Chris Wentworth

Chris Wentworth

Ever since the first mantra I learned as a child, a pathway of spiritual growth and development unfolded before me that my heart felt compelled on every level to follow. I began the process of attending classes on energy healing and meditation at the age of thirteen.